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Many time, when you visit websites; you may think or you would like to save the pages you are visiting into PDF Web2Pdf_(TheZeroLife.Com)and not only PDF but you can also convert your webpages into MS Word and Excel . Many occasions may come to you and you will need the documents, from the website or Webpages to be saved as the PDF or to the acrobat reader. Imagine that you are making a project for your school, college, or office, and want materials from websites or internet; you will need lots of texts materials, links and images. As many people do “your teacher”, ” your Boss ” too; no human left or can ignore the power of internet. Many people need the materials available on the internet in some or other way.

So, here you want to save the webpage of the site you are visiting into PDF or Adobe reader, or just want to convert your pdf into word or excel. One more thing I want to share with you is that, you can also get the PDF download of your website, by just sending an e-mail of the web link, and immediately getting PDF download of your sent web link into your very own E-mail as an attachment into your inbox.

A free web service Web 2 PDF Converter, is doing the whole thing here. Just give the url, the web site address or link on this Web 2 PDF Converter and that’s it, in a very short period you will get the PDF Download of your given web site url into your PC.


If you want the PDF download of the webpage into your E-mail, to be used or get downloaded whenever you want. So her by just sending an E-mail to, and mention the url or web address of the webpage you want to be downloaded as PDF/want to receive as an attachment into your E-mail into the “Subject” field of your E-mail or write the link into the e-mail body; and send the email. Within very short period of time you will receive a mail with your webpage pdf as an attachment. Thus you can keep webpage pdf into your email as long as you want. You must know this email address for an emergency use; who knows that, when you will need to save any web pages into pdf?


If you are engaged in such service, or if you regularly needs the webpage or website to be saved as pdf into your computer, than it will be a good decision to add the bookmarklet or add-on in to your web browser. The service web2pdfconvert has addons /plugins for Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and the bookmarklet for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera. Visit Here for all your bookmarklet, addons and plugin needs for converting webpages into PDF and download;  just drag the bookmarklet into your bookmark toolbar and save any web page which you like by clicking on this button in your browser. Google_Chrome_Bookmarklet_Web2PDF_(TheZeroLife.Com)

Interesting thing I like about web2pdfconvert is that, it saves and gives very good quality of images into pdf, so it can be used for image into pdf to, and it’s upon you.

If you are a web developer or own a web site or blog, on self hosted or blogger platform, and want your site or blog PDF ready, widget/plugin/button for website or blog page to be pdf ready, or to be able to print convert in pdf or download; than here is the solution from web2pdfconvert.FireFox_Bookmarklet_WebToPdf_(TheZeroLife.Com)

Just copy and past this below code, between the <body> and the </body> tags of your webpage. If your website uses templates, you can also copy the code into your template, so the button will appear on all your pages automatically…

<!– Web2PDF Converter Button BEGIN –>

<script type="text/javascript">


pdfbuttonlabel="Save page as PDF"


<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

<!– Web2PDF Converter Button END –>

For more pdf button options to embed into your webpage visit PDF Converter Buttons For Websites.

If you are in doubt or want to try the button software and the conversion quality or the working of web to pdf  converter, press this button 

and get this page which you are reading “” into PDF download now. Please Comment, your experiences, also write about more such services, for the benefit of other readers of TZL.

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