SHOWWX+TM. Mini Laser projector, For iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac Book Pro, Nokia Mobile Phone, Sony Vaio Laptops. Specifications & Knowledge List.

SHOWWX _ Mini_Laser_ Pocket_Projector_iPhone_iPAD_iPOD_Laptop(TheZeroLife.Com)

A U.S. firm Micro Vision discovered a second generation Laser Projector named SHOWWX+TM. This is the Pico projector, real pocket sized full colour projector. This smallest lased projector aimed to be used with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac Book Pro, Nokia Mobile Phone, Sony Vaio laptops, and with many more other combinations of devices. You can say this product as a Mini Laser Pocket colour projector for Mobile Phones and Laptops. This projector gives high resolution images up to 100” diagonal. Images, movies, videos, slides, and many other applications output from iPhones, iPods, iPads, smartphones (Nokia), notebooks (MacBook, Sony) and other portable devices can be projected in a confined space, such as in airplanes and trains or wall, cloths etc.. It is sized approximately to the size of an iPhone. SHOWWX+ mini laser projector, gives continuous use or projection for 2 Hours, in a single charge. See SHOWWX+ for more information and details of the product.

SHOWWX+ Mini Laser Projector for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Nokia Mobiles, Sony laptops. TheZeroLife.Com

SHOWWX+TM (Mini Laser Projector)can project the image from 12 to 100 inches with the contrast ratio of 1:5000. Many properties like contrast, size etc. depends on the surrounding light, and surface on which projection is done.

Below are some more properties, features, technical specifications, uses and “Knowledge List” for the SHOWWX + TM Min Laser Pocket Size Projector:

  • SHOWWX + TM Min Laser Pocket Size Projector, aimed to be used with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac Book Pro, Nokia Mobile Phone, Sony Vaio laptop, and with many other devices.
  • SHOWWX + TM is Plug and play device with no setup required.
  • SHOWWX + is sleek and small about the size of an iPhone.
  • Projected Image always use to be in focus.
  • Gives High-resolution (WVGA) and 16:9 format.SHOWWX _ Mini_Laser_ Pocket_Projector_iPhone_iPAD_iPOD_(TheZeroLife.Com)
  • Projects images, videos, presentation of any size, from 6 inches or less to 100 inches or more in a dark room.
  • Wide projection angle brings the big screen closer to the user.
  • Laser lights of SHOWWX+ give life to the colours of the images.
  • There are two products, classic SHOWWX and the SHOWWX+TM.
  • The SHOWWX+TM is 50% more brighter than classic SHOWWX, and supports more devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, iPhone 4 etc.
  • Battery of SHOWWX+TM lasts upto 2 Hours on a single charge, and thus it becomes movie capable.
  • There are a number of Apps that can be used with it as well including Netflix, RAGE HD, YouTube etc.
  • It is compatible with most devices, having TV-Out, Video-Out, VGA connections etc. Check SHOWWX+TM FAQ for all your questions, and details about SHOWWX+ mini laser, pocket size projector for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac Book Pro, Nokia Mobile Phone, and Sony Vaio laptop, etc.

SHOWWX _ Mini_Laser_ Pocket_Projector_iPhone_(TheZeroLife.Com)

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