Sony’s Solar Flower Window To Generates Electricity, & How To Make DS Solar Cell Of Your Own.

Sony_Solar_Flower_Windows_DSSC _Technology_(TheZeroLife.Com)

Everywhere the research, to control the pollution is on the pick, nearly every country and major companies, are contribution to control the pollution; as much as possible. Every body is thinking to conserve energy and reduce pollution, as our earth is getting polluted day by day and due to Global Warming, “Arctic” Icecap Is Melting Faster. From long time, you can say from last 15 to 18 years, I was having imagination of such a windows, which can work as a solar cell (solar energy collector), and give us electrical energy for our daily use. Sony has come up with such a new concept, of solar windows; and I would like to call it “solar flower pot”. It’s a window which can collect solar power for your home or daily use.Sony_Solar_Flower_Windows_DSSC _(TheZeroLife.Com)

Sony’s representation to solar powered windows is beautiful. Recently I come to a news, about Eco Products 2010 exhibition in Tokyo. Sony displayed their new solar windows “Flower Windows” or say “Hana Mado”. The solar window is technology is made using DSSC (dye-sensitized solar cells), to convert solar energy into electrical. This product and the window is just prototype, and it was not the commercial product (It is still in research). In exhibition this solar window is connected to a little fan, which shows, continuous generation of electricity from light. The sony’s research and technology is said to be cheaper than other solar technologies, in research.

Here is a nice Youtube video from DigInfo.Tv, which explains and gives the exhibition view of Sony Solar Flower Window. Thanks to DigInfo for video, information and Images.

Sony Solar Flower Window Tokyo Exhibition, TheZeroLife.Com

Yes you will be able to change its colour as per your choice, as it is not fix, as shown in the picture. Screen printing, colour of your window can be chosen, as per your choice and requirement.

Her is a video for you. If you are a  home researcher, and use to do experiments at your home, or even I will say that, if you are a profession scientist, research scholar, doing science graduation, or a school going mad scientist boy or girl than you would definitely like to see a video about how to make, DSSC ( dye-sensitized solar cells) your own, or how to make solar cell at home or in your chemistry lab.  It’s a must watch video for making dye-sensitized solar cells, video is presented by “Neal Abraham, Assistant Professor”, by just using  Conductive Glass, Tio2 (Titania), Nitric Acid, Redox Electrolyte, and few drops of “Blackberry Juice”. In this video “Neal Abraham” shows a single cell producing approx. 250 mV-300 mV on voltmeter in room light, so voltage may increase if it will be exposed into solar light.

How to make DSSC Solar cell, for your self, TheZeroLife.Com

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