Daily Use File Formats And Extensions.

Welcome to TZL, here I am collecting some file formats which I came across from many months. Actually there are many file formats, already floating into the world of computing and technology, you can say thousands…. and may file formats are taking birth every day, week and month… as technology, science, and life is getting complicated day by day.

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You can read Wikipedia to know, what is file format. Wikipedia has huge collection of file formats you can say thousands and more. Some or Many of the file formats I even not heard or read anywhere. Also there are many secret file formats, which are only used for some secret missions, and for confidential reporting/missions.

File formats and extensions you can categorise for some specific work or purpose in general are:

Document file extensions, Graphic file formats, Image file formats, Audio file formats, Video file formats, Multimedia file formats, Movie file formats, Mobile multimedia file formats, Mobile Document file format, Mobile Software file formats, Programming languages file formats, etc. and many more such general categorisation can be done.

Some of which I came across and listed here are very few in numbers, but it’s ok or too much for daily or home/office users to know and get the little knowledge about it:

  • DOC Microsoft Word file/ Document format.
  • DOCX Microsoft Word Document file format.
  • DOT Microsoft Word Template.
  • XLS Microsoft Excel file format.
  • XLSX Microsoft Excel file format.
  • XLT Microsoft Excel Template extension.Windows Logo (TheZeroLife.Com)
  • XLTX Microsoft Excel Template extension.
  • MDI Microsoft Office Document Imaging File format.
  • WPS Microsoft Works.
  • WPT Microsoft Works.
  • WMF Windows Meta File format.
  • WRI Microsoft Windows Write extension.
  • XLR Microsoft Works Spread Sheet format.
  • XPS XPS document file format.
  • JNT Windows Journal Note extension.
  • SNP Microsoft Snap Shot File format.
  • MPP Microsoft Project file.
  • MPT Microsoft Project file.
  • PPS Microsoft PowerPoint extension.
  • PPSX Microsoft PowerPoint file extension.
  • PPT Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation file extension / format.
  • PPTX Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation.
  • PUB Microsoft Publisher.
  • RTF Microsoft Rich Text Format.
  • DIB MS Windows Device Independent Bitmap.
  • SAM Lotus Word Pro Document.
  • LWP Lotus Word Pro Document.
  • WK1, WK3, WK4 Lotus 1-2-3.
  • DCX Z Soft IBM PC multi-page Paintbrush file.
  • BMP MS Windows/OS2 Bitmap image file.
  • GIF CompuServe Graphics Interchange Format.
  • JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group format.
  • JPG Joint Photographic Experts Group format.
  • GIF87 CompuServe graphics interchange format.
  • JP2 JPEG-2000 JP2 File Format Syntax.
  • PCX PC Paint Brush.
  • PNG Portable Network Graphics Extension.
  • CSV Comma-separated values file format.
  • ODG Open Document Drawing or Graphics.
  • ODP Open Document Presentation.
  • ODS Open Document Spread sheet.
  • ODT Open Document Text.
  • ODF Open Document Formula.
  • PRN Print to file.
  • SXW Open Office 1.0 Text.
  • PDF Adobe File Format, Portable Document Format.
  • PS Adobe PostScript.
  • PSD Adobe Photoshop.
  • FPX Flash Pix Format.
  • HTM Web page, Hypertext Mark up Language.
  • HTML Web page, Hypertext Mark up Language.
  • MHT Web archive.
  • ZIP Compressed File Format, zicxac inline pin.
  • RAR Compressed File Format, Roshal ARchive.
  • EMF Enhanced Metafile.
  • MIFF Magick image file format.
  • ICO MS Windows/OS2 Icons file extension or format.
  • LOG Log file.
  • TIF Tagged Interchange File Format.
  • TIFF Tagged Interchange File Format.
  • DLL Data Link Library,
  • FLV Video File Format, Flash Live Video.
  • PHP Web Server programming Language, Hypertext Processor.
  • XML Web Language, Extensible Mark up Language.
  • .H Hex files.
  • .CPP C++ file extension.
  • JAR Java file Archive.
  • JAD Java Joint Application Development.
  • .PY Python file extension.
  • 3GP Mobile Phone Video Format Low space and resolution.
  • MP3, MP4, mpeg audio player file extension Audio and Video File Format.
  • GZ Compressed File Format mostly used for open source projects.
  • RPM Red Hat Linux Package Manager extensions.
  • ASP Microsoft Active Server Page.
  • JSP Java Server Pages.

Ok now I think its enough, to get a general Idea of the file formats and extensions you are using in your day-to-day life.

This is not the collection of all file format available, but it is the collection of the file formats and extension used in your daily routine of computer and mobile phone uses. For all or more collection of the file formats search on google or Wikipedia.

If you know any other file formats or extensions used in your daily life than please comment and I will add it to this list here and thus the list will grow for your use. For more Full Forms and abbreviations please visit http://fullforms.blogspot.com .