A New Search Engine Cuil, Is Closed / Shutdown Forever.

On DECEMBER 13, 2009, I wrote a article about Cuil.Com, and now I think, I did little hurry, about writing Cuil.Com. The article title was “New Search Engine Cuil.Com Compare To Google.Com”. Now the reason for writing about Cuil again is that, Cuil.com is Shut Down, and the game is over. The project Cuil is vanished and gone out from the world of Cyber or Internet. Cuil.Com-(TheZeroLife.Com)

Cuil claimed having a data base of websites three times larger than Google, and ten times larger than MSN, and the interesting thing was that Cuil, said to position itself strongly against Google……. where is the position? It was the nice article and you can read that Here Cuil.com New Search Engine.

I don’t know what to say or write regarding this matter.. as I found an article on TechCrunch, says that;

Search Engine Cuil was unceremoniously shut down on Thursday, and there were reports that employees were told to go home and forget about getting paid. Cuil was in the final stages of an acquisition as of last Wednesday, and everything was in place except the final signatures. Then the deal fell apart for some reason. Read more about Cuil Shut Down on TechCrunch.

I searched for the domain name Cuil.Com on GoDaddy and found that, it is still not available for the new registration (I didn’t tried to go in more detail, to check the owner or something else about the domain name Cuil.Com), means it is still acquired by some fan/friend/unknown or by the same guys form Cuil. Keep watching; anything can happen, it can appear again..or..not, keep reading TheZeroLife, to experience the Science Technology, and Life.