Vodafone High Speed GPRS Experiences, Discussions And How To Check GPRS Uses And Expiry Date.

Myself and my friends are using Vodafone GPRS, for only the reason that it is providing good GPRS speed. We all in our group changed our card to Vodafone, to avail good GPRS speed on our mobile phones and computers, we have several other cards too, for GPRS and calling, but Vodafone is giving the best speed among those. Let’s hope same for the feature. Some of my friend told me (experienced) that GPRS on Vodafone prepaid card is having good speed and cost/price (GPRS monthly rent/recharge) as compare to post-paid Vodafone plan and speed.

Ok in short, if you want high speed and low cost GPRS, than go for Vodafone Prepaid (as I am experiencing till date, and can’t guarantee for the feature, as the circumstances changes time to time, and other operators are also improving their services constantly and thus the top position is always changing). Check and remember various dial codes and sms codes for Vodafone HERE.Vodafone_HappyToHelp_(TheZeroLife.Com)

Every month I use to recharge Vodafone prepaid, Rs. 95 for GPRS having 30 days (remember it is 30 days and not 1 month) validity and 2 GB of limit. What the problem I am facing is, I always use to forget the date of charging the Rs. 95, and after 30 days it use to automatically deduct Rs.23 for the GPRS and gives the limit of 500MB for 7 days.

I definitely don’t like this Rs. 23 service, although it is good for some other users, it won’t let your GPRS stop after not charging Rs.95; but what if you don’t have Rs. 23 or more in your talk time or main balance? Definitely it will start deducting the GPRS charges from you main balance @ 10ps./10KB… and here I always(every month) use to have huge loss, sometimes my balance goes in minus (-). It is not possible every time to keep an eye on you balance and maintain it more than Rs.23 (more than Rs. 23 because after deduction of Rs.23/500MB/7Days you should have some talk time too).

It is obvious that you can think; how the main balance can go in minus (-)? Yes it happened to me and I got my main balance Rs.-80. I argued to Vodafone call centre and then finally understood what they said. Just have an example and you will understand it, if you are a Vodafone GPRS user.

Suppose that; Yesterday (till night 12) your Vodafone GPRS pack of Rs. 95 has expired and you main balance is something Rs. 5 (as you have less than Rs. 23 balance, so it will not auto shift on Rs.23/500MB/7Days, and accordingly can’t deduct Rs.23, and will start charging @ 10paisa/10Kb.). Now as you don’t know that your GPRS pack 95 had expired and only Rs.5 balance you have. You started surfing, through your mobile to OVI Store or Android Store to download some mobile software, and you queued 4-5 softwares for download to your mobile of say, 20-50 MB; and here you successfully downloaded them all to your mobile phone from OVI Store or Android store. Now after switching OFF your GPRS completely, and checked your main balance by dialling *141# (Vodafone Dial Code for Balance check) you can get or see your balance in “minus” (-). Vodafone3G_(TheZeroLife.Com)

The reason explained by the Vodafone call centre person was that, they can’t stop your downloading or surfing in between and it will make your balance in minus (-), ex. -10 or -40 or whatever your uses will be as per 10paisa/10KB rate after deducting Rs.5 as in our this example. It means, there is no such system to stop your internet GPRS on Vodafone prepaid in between of your surfing or downloading, even if your account becomes zero (0) and it will start towards minus balance, till you not switch off your gprs or stop your downloading. Once your account reaches minus (-) balance, the GPRS of your Vodafone will not connect and thus you can’t use further GPRS on your mobile phone from here onwards (after disconnecting); till you not recharge your mobile phone and make your balance in positive (+).

In the same way like above example, it became -80 Rs. on my Vodafone prepaid account last month. And I just ended my conversation saying the call centre person that you should stop my GPRS as my balance reaches to Zero Rupee (Rs.0). After all I paid that all bill; and started using Vodafone GPRS again after new recharge of Rs. 95.

Next thing to keep in mind while using Vodafone GPRS is that; it stops your GPRS as your main balance becomes less than Rs. 1. I want to say that how you can stop my GPRS if I have already charged or activated special GPRS pack or Rs. 95…….. If ‘I am’ or the user is paying separately for GPRS than how can you stop the GPRS if the main balance becomes zero or less than Rs.1 (Why to relate GPRS with main balance if it is paid separately?). This is not only the case with Vodafone; other GPRS service providers are also doing in the same way, some stops the GPRS as the main balance becomes less than Rs. 1 and some stops it as the main balance becomes less than Rs. 5. Vodafone

After getting above all experience with the Vodafone GPRS, I come to the conclusion that you should keep checking your GPRS uses and remember your Rs. 95 GPRS activation (recharge) date in your mind. It will be a good idea that to activate a alarm in to your mobile phone or in the computer, exactly on the 30th day to recharge again before shifting automatically to the Rs.23/500MB/7Days plan or start deduction as per 10 paisa per 10KB.

You can type and send a message “CAN VL95” without quote, to 144. This will stop your auto renewal to Rs.23/500MB/7Days plan… this way your 95 gprs plan will not stop till 30th day but after that 10paisa per 10KB rate will apply; and will not shift to Rs.23/500MB/7Days plan automatically. After 30th day you can again recharge for Rs. 95 as per your convenience if you want, to get 2GB for 30 days again but before 30th day (before 2-4 days) again you have to send the CAN VL95 to 144, for not shifting automatically to Rs.23 plan.

How to check your Vodafone GPRS uses and expiry date to avoid hug charges after that? To check Vodafone GPRS uses and your expiry date of Rs.95, type and send sms “GPRS” (without quote) to 144 and immediately you will receive a sms, showing your GPRS remaining uses and expiry date like this, example :

Hello! Your available GPRS data is 2041.904296875 MB & is valid till 02-FEB-11, Kindly note, this balance has been captured 4 hrs back.

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