Tech Fest, How To Reach Tech Fest At IIT Powai Mumbai.

Tech Fest use to held at IIT Powai, Mumbai, every year. All technology freak in India are familiar to the Tech Fest very well, and dreams to get participated there, and show their talents to the world. Competitions at TechFeast, IIT Powai Mumbai , use to cover all trades and subjects from technology and science, and this is the speciality of all Indian students, scientists as well as IIT. Indian nature of education and society, start from schooling till graduation and post graduation involves various subjects, skill requirements, and intelligences. Thus we Indian tech freaks, science lovers, scientists are made up of multi skills, have multiple knowledge and interests; as compare to the other parts of the world. Ok.

IIT Powai Mumbai, first started the Annual International Science and Technology festival in the year 1998. The Tech Festival of IIT Powai Mumbai, become 14 years old this year 2011. It’s the hug experience, about managing and conducting competitions, lectures, seminars, workshops.

At tech fest, about 75000 people came last year, from the different parts of India. I am starting today for Tech Fest IIT, Powai Mumbai. Here is, How to reach Tech Fest IIT Powai, Mumbai. TechFest_IIT_Powai_Mumbai_ 2011_(TheZeroLife.Com)

There are two way to reach Tech Fest IIT, Powai Mumbai. 1) By Bus, if you live nearby Mumbai, like Nashik, Manmad etc. 2) By train, from any ware in India.

If you are coming to Mumbai through train from any part of the India, you first:

Get down at “Kalyan” or “Thane” railway station, to get another train, i.e. slow local train. Slow means it will stop at many stations; as the fast or express trains will not stop at small stations. If you are already coming through local train from “Nashik” or from nearby “Mumbai” than ask the people around you, or see in the train map inside and confirm that it will stop at “Kanjur Marg” station. Ultimately you have to get down at “Kanjurmarg” railway station.

After dropping at Kalyan or Thane, take slow local for “KanjurMarg”. Ok after getting down at Kanjurmarg railway station, take “Auto Rishkaw” or start walking, as per the map below, or by asking at the shops, for IIT….. and thats it! It is only approx 1.5 Km distance from Kanjurmarg station.

Now if you are coming to Mumbai, through Bus, get the bus which will go upto, “Dadar” or “Kurla”. Get down at “Sion” and take another bus, for “Kanjurmarg” or directly upto IIT Powai. Ask to the passengers standing at the bus stop with you, or to the shopkeepers after getting down at “Sion” for the bus of Knajurmarg or IIT Powai. Thus you can reach easily to the Tech Fest IIT Powai Mumbai.

At the gate of the IIT Tech Fest, show your Identification Card (photo ID or College ID), and make you Gate Pass for the campus… you can also get the schedule card there, in which you can see all the time tables and locations for the science & technology competitions, lectures and workshops, IIT powai.

Check more about the Tech Fest at and must see Tech Fest Hospitality, Instructions and FAQ, see all schedules for the Tech Fest at IIT Powai Mumbai.

Below is the map for reaching the Tech Fest IIT Powai Mumbai, below map image is downloadable, download it to your mobile or laptop and start following. Keep Reading TheZeroLife.Com.

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