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The Zero Life, here we are writing about the Technology, Science and Life. Our slogan is same “Experience The Science, Technology And Life, Know Nothing Or Every thing”. In this article we are linking or collecting all posts published in the month of January 2011. The collection of posts or the articles published in the month of January 2011 is a step towards making an archive for the TZL, and an E-Mail Magazine / News Letter; for the readers of the TZL those who have joined little late as a THE ZERO LIFE E-mail Subscribers or as a Visitor. Consider this collection of the articles published in the month of January as a “The Zero Life Magazine” which is going to reach you in the month of February. Every month’s articles / posts published on the “The Zero Life. Com” will be listed or collected in a single post and will be published in the next month’s 1-5 date. android

We at “TheZeroLife” are not able to publish plenty of articles every month like other Indian Bloggers; due to our busy schedule. But here, our motive is to write the best articles, related to Science, Technology, and Life which should be useful to you in your daily life and in the feature, and should also benefit the society / planet; whether you are a child, student, college going guy/girl, trader, entrepreneur, house wife, business person / women, internet lover, heavy mobile and computer user, researcher at any university, scientist, technology freak, net freak, loves science and technology……. and just if you are a Human; it’s for you! That’s why it’s called “The Zero Life.Com, Experience The Science, Technology And Life, Know Nothing Or Everything”.

1) Watch Live TV News Channel On Mobile Phone For Free Using GPRS.

This article explains how you can watch live tv news on your mobile phone. Here is about IBN 7 tv news.

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2) India Team Schedule For The World Cup 2011.

Here is the list of Indian team schedule or time table for the icc world cup cricket match 2011. Many Indian fans are only interested in the Indian cricket matches for the world cup.

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3) Group Wise Team, Schedule, Time Table For The World Cup 2011.

World cup match 2011 is ahead, and here is the schedule for the world cup 2011, as per Groups, say Group A and Group B. List and schedule will be updated regularly as the match will proceed.

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4) World Cup 2011 Schedule -Time Table. As Per Date, Country And Location.

World cup schedule or time table as per date wise, list is as per date, country, and location of the world cup 2011. World cup schedule / time table and the winners will be updated regularly as the world cup match will proceed.

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5) Watch IBN 7 Live News TV Channel On Computer For Free Online, Without Software.

If you have busy schedule, regularly use to sit and stick with your computer connected online and thus have no time to sit in front of your TV set for the latest news and happenings. This article explains you how you can watch the live IBN-7 TV news on your computer online without the use of any software.

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6) India Income Tax Slabs For The Year 2010-2011. For General Public, Women, And Senior Citizens.

Many people are in the search of Income Tax slab. Every people in corporate and from business sector are income tax payers in India, but doesn’t knows the income tax slab, here is the Income tax slab for the IT return 2010-2011.

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7) Blackberry Tablet PC Playbook Technical Specifications.

Blackberry has launched the Tablet PC, named Playbook. Get the full technical specifications of the Blackberry tablet PC Playbook.

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8) Blackberry Tablet PC Playbook, Uses Video And Browsing Experience.

See the uses video of the Blackberry tablet PC. This article and the video shows you the uses and the browsing experience of playbook tablet PC blackberry.

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9) Tech Fest, How To Reach Tech Fest At IIT Powai Mumbai.

Mumbai’s IIT festival called Tech Fest being organised every year. This year IIT Tech Fest held on 7th of Jan 2011, Friday. Get the little explanation and how to reach the IIT Powai Mumbai.

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10) How TO Check Airtel GPRS Uses, Balance, Expiry etc. Airtel All SMS And Dial Codes.

All the airtel mobile phone dial codes, get it and keep it with you if you are the user of the Airtel prepaid card user and check your GPRS uses, balance and expiry etc.

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12) How To Check Vodafone GPRS Uses And Expiry, Balance, Recharge etc. SMS And Dial Codes.

If you are the Vodafone prepaid mobile phone user, then must have Vodafone dial code for you. Keep it with you if you are a Vodafone mobile phone user to check your Vodafone GPRS uses, balance, recharge, expiry etc.

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13) Vodafone High Speed GPRS Experiences, Discussions And How To Check GPRS Uses And Expiry Date.

Personal experience of the Vodafone GPRS connection, and how to check the Vodafone GPRS data uses and expiry date, read it if wish to get GPRS connection on your mobile phone or if you are all ready using Vodafone.

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14) A New Search Engine Cuil, Is Closed / Shutdown Forever.

Once upon a time there was a nice mobile search engine called, read the shutdown story of it.

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15) Google Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts, For Faster Access.

Gmail have millions of users, with them. This is because of Gmail’s / Google’s very fast and fantastic service. Gmail users are really lucky; you can even more increase your Gmail (Google E-mail service)speed using the Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts; must read and remember them all.

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