Top 7 Applications / Software Downloading Sites, For Computer, Mobile Phones.

Most of the people on the internet use to surf internet for downloading of the software; and many use to hang on Facebook, Orkut and Twitter with their friends, colleagues, and community to find / get information, friend, love and life. Many people I know are only use to search the software for their computer and mobile phones on the internet. Every time they use to search at Google for the software and mostly free downloads sites. No body, even me use to remember the name of the download sites, which has huge collections of the software for windows PC os, Linux, Mac, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Android. Why to occupy your brain’s memory allocation if Google is their? Am I right? Few of the free software downloading sites you may be knowing already but not all. There are huge no. of the software providing web sites on the internet.

Here I am collecting or listing the top software downloading site, some of them give you free software, some open source, and some gives you the beta versions. In short if you are the visitor of these download sites than you may hardly need any other download sites. Here on these free top download sites you will get almost all and nearly every software for your computer and mobile phones, let’s see how much you satisfy. I am the regular visitor of the following top 7 and free software downloading sites. All of them are my favourite downloading sites and hope that it be yours too.

Get my favourite Top 7 software / applications download sites for your Computer, Netbook, and Mobile Phones:, The biggest download site ever. This is the sub domain of the, and the sub domain is This site provides the software downloading for Windows PC, Mac, Web app, and mobile phones. Mobile software download consist of Blackberry, Windows, iPhone, Palm, Symbian, Jave, Android mobile phone OS. You will get everything here and won’t need to go anywhere else. Just visit Download.Com and have fun.Download.Com_(TheZeroLife.Com)

Softpedia has everything related to free download, it’s the sea of free software download. Softpedia has nice categorisation of the download software like Windows OS software, Drivers for your computer, Mac Software, Games, Linux os software, Plenty of scripts of nearly all programming languages ex. php, perl, python, c, c++, java, css, and many its heaven for the programming learners or programmers. Get the drivers for Your network card, mother board, printers, scanners, digital cameras and all. Mobile phone section has, reviews and specifications for nearly all mobile phones you can think are available into the market. Hand held section on softpedia can give you many software download as per the OS of your mobile phone, say blackberry, symbian, android, windows etc. Just be the fan of Soft Pedia for all of your need of software and technical reviews of the mobile phones.Softpedia_(TheZeroLife.Com)

Source Forge is not only the software hub or you can say download centre, it’s now become the encyclopaedia of open source software for many hardware like, desktops, laptops, netbooks and mobile phones. Source Forge is the one and only Open Source Bank; I know source forge as the only best site, where you can find the open source software for your device. Source Forge software downloads are categorised as Clustering, Communications, Database, Desktop, Software, Education, Enterprise, Financial, Games/Entertainment, Hardware, Networking, Security, Storage, Systems Administration, VoIP and the big list of sub categories. Really you will become tired, by downloading and reading about the open source projects on the Source Forge. Plenty of new things you will learn here, of course will get the free downloads for your computer and mobile phones. Don’t go anywhere for the free and open source software; just visit the Source Forge. Net, it’s the biggest open source software mine. SourceForge_(TheZeroLife.COm)

Major Geeks is the another name in the world of software downloads. You can feel the site little non decorative, but what you have to do with the decoration? You are there for the software for your device. Major geeks directly comes on the point that is software and it’s download. Major geeks has big category list which you will not find anywhere else, and it means that you would get all of your choices of the software downloads for your device. Few categories are Drivers, Firewalls, Memory, Office Tools, Registry, Security, Toy etc. Lists all like Freeware, Shareware, Paid, etc. Visit Major Geeks if you won’t still got your software anywhere.

Major Geeks (TheZeroLife.Com)

File Hippo is having the categories like Browser and Plugins, Anti-malware, Audio and Video, File Sharing, Firewalls and Security, CD and DVD tools, Messaging and Chat, System tuning, Desktop, File Transfer, Compression and Backup, Photos and Images, Office and News, Networking and Admin, Drivers, Developer tool etc. It has nice management of the all category on the home page, you don’t have to wonder here and there for your software. File Hippo also features the latest updates and the popular software/ applications options and thus makes your search for the software download very easy… don’t take File Hippo lightly, it has more than enough for you. Just visit File Hippo and full fill your thirst. File Hippo has nice no. of feed readers into their list i.e. about 212k.

File Hippo_(TheZeroLife.Com)

Snap Files is also a good download site, its famous software category is Weekly top 20 applications. Other categories are New and Popular, and User’s choice. Also Snap Files features Free software, Free Trials, Sharewares etc. Just visit and experience the Snap Files.Com it’s still one of the best software download site.


File Forum has huge list of freeware and shareware applications or software for your computer. FileForum.Com divert it’s link to File Forum has a different category which is software review and it is driven by Software Crew. Be sure to see today’s hot files on File Forum. Have a visit to File Forum at File Forum.Com and get your own experience of software downloading.


It is not possible to list all or huge no. of software / applications site here on a single page. Above listed top software downloading sites are my favourite sites, and the experiences are my own. Please write your own experiences with the above sites in comment; and also your favourite top downloading sites if it is not in the list.

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