Kingfisher 50% Discounted Medical Fare, Know Rules And How to Get Medical Flight Discounts.

A new step has been taken by the Kingfisher Airlines India. Kingfisher Airlines introduced the medical emergencyKingfisher Airlines (TheZeroLife.Com) 50 % rebate fares for the domestic airlines, also it become easy buying spot tickets for the guests, those who are visiting to the patients, in an emergency situation. It is applied on the basic fares of the domestic flights in India and it is introduced under Kingfisher Care Fares Portfolio. Till date Kingfisher is the only airline in India to offer Medical Emergency Fares, Kingfisher is the five stat airline. It is going to become the life saving kit for the relatives, parents, spouse, patients and the guest’s of the patients.

Some rules and points to remember, to obtain the medical emergency 50 % discounted fare or rebate.

1) First of all people have to pay the full prevailing fare amount while buying the kingfisher air ticket and then submit the death or hospitalization certificate to the airlines within 60 days to avail the refund of 50% on the basic fare.

2) King fisher Medical fare discount will apply to the Spouse / Registered Partner, Parents, Children, In-laws (Mother-in-law /Father-in-law), Siblings, it will need the proper document to prove the relationship with the patient like copy of Passport or ration card.

3) This facility can be availed only through the Kingfisher Airlines Reservation contact points, like Kingfisher Airlines Booking Counter at the Airports, Call centres booking, and the Kingfisher ticketing office centres in the city. Get the booking points near you at the Kingfisher Website.


4) Guests of the patients wants to avail medical fare discounts should specify at the time of the booking of the ticket. Booking made normally, without specifying about the medical emergency will not be changed later and will not later entitled to refunds applicable on the medical emergency fares.

5) Guests may choose to book either one way ticket or round-trip confirmed tickets. This facility is available on Y class bookings only.

6) If the seats are unavailable for the booked tickets, alternative flights will be provided and stand by bookings will be permitted. The journey must commence within three days from the date of issue of the ticket and must be completed within thirty (30) days. One free date change will be allowed only on return journey.

7) Kingfisher Medical Discounted fare of 50% of Y Class fare, refund will apply only to the fare paid and does not apply on the tax component, user development fee and such other levies.

8) To avail the 50% refund on Medical Emergency Fares, guests will need to submit all specified documentation within 60 days of completion of their travel. Guests will be required to submit the following documents in the event of death or hospitalization of an eligible family member:

* Medical Emergency Fare Application Form completed and signed. * Certificate of Death or Hospitalization from the treating hospital. * Proof of Relationship with the guest- (Copy of Passport / Ration Card). * All Boarding pass(es). * E-ticket Receipt. Guest can submit a scanned copy of the requisite documents via E-mail to Kingfisher Care Fare Kingfisher Airlines Medical Discount Fair(TheZeroLife.Com)

9) Kingfisher 50% medical discount fair refund amount will be repaid via cheque to be issued within 45 working days from day of receipt of all specified documents. If the ticket was purchased using a credit card, any refund due will be processed to that credit card.

Get the Kingfisher Airlines Call Center, Toll Free Phone No.

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