How To Disassemble HTC Mobile Phones, Video & PDF. Change LCD Display & Other Parts.

Disassembly-Of-HTC-Mobile-Phone-(TheZeroLife.Com)So you own HTC mobile phone and want to open it or disassemble. Here is how to open or disassemble the HTC touch or other HTC mobile phone. If your HTC mobile phone’s display is not working or it broken, or the vibrator is not working or if you want to replace the camera of your HTC mobile phone than it will require you to disassemble or open your mobile phone. Below I have collected a YouTube video and a PDF, which explains how to disassemble/open your HTC mobile phone yourself at home and change the faulty parts like touch screen LCD display, vibrator, camera etc. Nearly all mobile phones now a day have the same techniques to disassemble/open it (only little difference).


This PDF to open the HTC mobile phone and the YouTube video I was having in my bookmark list from years, and now thought that if I will publish it on TZL, will help many HTC users.. By opening the HTC touch or other HTC mobile phone this way, you will access to the LCD display, vibrator, camera, earphone, touch screen, buttons (keypad) etc. without any disordering, these are having push fit connectors and can be easily removed with the help of plastic opening tool or knife (not sharp edged). Thus you can easily change the broken or not working display/digitizer of your HTC mobile phone, camera, vibrator etc. yourself at home.


The tools you will need to open your HTC mobile phone are T5 Screwdriver, #2 Screwdriver and a Plastic opening tools. The tools are shown in the HTC Touch disassembly PDF, the disassembly or the opening PDF of the HTC touch mobile phone is self explanatory and contains step by step pictures. The HTC mobile pdf is made by OSeven and OSeven is a member at, and I am sourcing it from, thanks to both. Download the HTC Mobile Phone Disassembly/Opening PDF.

The video of repairing or disassembling/opening of HTC mobile phone is uploaded by RepairsUniverse.Com on youtube. This youtube video explains everything about changing the digitizer or touch screen LCD display of your HTC mobile phone. So go through it and disassemble or change the display of your HTC mobile phone.

HTC Touch Disassembly/Opening Video, How To change HTC LCD Display (TheZeroLife.Com)

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