Kingfisher Airlines On Mobile Phone Get Booking, Schedule, Flight Status. Kingfisher SMS Codes & ngpay.

You can book your kingfisher air tickets using your mobile phones. Yes Kingfisher airlines is on your mobile phone now. There are several sms codes available to avail the Kingfisher airlines service, also there are bunch of kingfisher services available on the ngpay. Using ngpay you can book your kingfisher flight tickets, pay the bills through your credit cards, cancel your flight tickets, check your PNR, check for the available flights for your destinations etc.. using your comfort by just using your mobile phone through SMS or via ngpay. Here I am collecting few Kingfisher mobile phone sms codes to get/avail some of the Kingfisher Airlines services on your mobile phones. To use ngpay on your mobile phone you should have java enable mobile phone (now a day nearly every mobile phone is having java capabilities) and the 3G or GPRS (internet) activated on your mobile phone, that’s it.Kingfisher Airline service on mobile phone is KingMobile, nice name one more name came into my mind is MobileKing (So simple isn’t it?) ha ha. Ok. Using KingMobile through ngpay you can book, cancel, check Kingfisher e-tickets using your mobile phone. If you are a King Club member, you will get the 500 bonus King Miles each time you book your ticket using KingMobile (offer can change any time, as per Kingfisher’s policy).

How to get Kingfisher mobile application, or access the KingMobile on your mobile phone using ngpay? Here are the steps:First you (guest) should send the SMS to get the KingMobile link on your mobile phone. Send an SMS:- KingMobile to 56388 after sending SMS you will receive a SMS with a link.

Now click on the received link in your sms, this will let you download the “ngpay application”, on which “KingMobile” ticketing application is available.Kignfisher_Airlines_Mobile Ticketing, Mobile Ticket Booking_ngpay_(TheZeroLife.Com)

If you are new to ngpay and don’t have any user ID (not registered) with ngpay, than make your new user id and register with ngpay, by submitting your Name, Address, Email, Mobile No. etc. don’t worry while registering with ngpay, as it is secure and safe. Don’t forget to remember or write your ngpay PIN or Password.Kignfisher_Airlines_Mobile Ticketing, Mobile Ticket Booking, Download Mobile Application_ngpay_(TheZeroLife.Com)Now it’s finish and now start using ngpay, to book your Kingfisher flight tickets, cancel your tickets or check the status of your ticket and pay using your credit card or any other cards. Booked flight tickets will be e-mailed to you (to your submitted email add. at ngpay), print this E-Ticket and use it at airport for your happy journey. See the image below.Kignfisher_Airlines_Mobile Paying_Credit_Card_ngpay_(TheZeroLife.Com)Here are some Kingfisher Airlines SMS codes, for your mobile phone, so that you can check your kingfisher flight status, get your kingfisher flight schedule into your city, and even book your Kingfisher flight tickets using SMS.

Get complete Kingfisher Airlines flight information menu SMS:- KING to 56388.

After receiving menu do accordingly, and as per your need.

Get instant or specific Kingfisher flight status SMS:- KINGIT FlightNo to 56388.

Example:- Send sms “KINGIT 110” to 56388 to get the flight status for IT 110. Please do not insert a space between “KING” and “IT”, your sms will be invalid.

Get the flight schedule into your city, on your mobile phone SMS:- KINGSCH City1 City2 to 56388.

Example:- Send sms “KINGSCH MUM DEL” to 56388 to get the flight schedule for Kingfisher flights from Mumbai to Delhi. Do not insert a space between KING and SCH, but insert the space between KINGSCH and MUM and DEL.

To get the Assistance Contact Nos. for the Kingfisher Airlines SMS:- KINGCALL to 56388.

To book the Kingfisher Airlines ticket using SMS, Kingfisher has the dedicated sms centre no. i.e. 5667711.

Here is How To Book KingFisher Tickets using SMS :-

First of all you will have to search or get the ticket availability for your journey, the best airfares and the departure timing or schedule do get these.

To get the availability, best fare, schedule, SMS :- King (From City) (To City) (Travel Date) to 5667711. Example :- King MUMBAI GOA 10 JUN

Now booking the ticket as per your choice using SMS;

For booking ticket SMS :- BOOK (Line nos) (Title) (Name) Example:- BOOK 2 MR RAJ ROY

You can pay using SMS and get the PNR, non payment users can pay using any credit cards via IVR, Call Back.

So don’t worry, and start booking your Kingfisher Airlines tickets using your Mobile Phone via ngpay (should have gprs and java activated mobile phones), or just by sending SMS. It’s all safe and secure and assisted by the human, if you have any problem just call to Kingfisher Helpline, Call Centres. Know about the Kingfisher 50% Discount on Medical Emergency. If you feel any problem, or found any change into the above Kingfisher mobile sms codes and services, please comment me. Above codes and services can change any time and without notifications, and the right goes to Kingfisher, for more details terms & conditions see KingMobile.