Flight Schedule For Nasik To Mumbai And Mumbai To Nasik. How To reach And What To See In Nasik.

Here we are giving you the flight schedule / timetable to travel Nashik from Mumbai and vice versa Nasik to Mumbai. So you are planning / deciding to visit Nashik, and there may be several reasons like an emergency, festival, occasion, business, celebration, party, or going to meet your love one. You are planning to travel to Nasik through flight. Here is the one and only airlines service provider is providing the Nashik (Nasik)- Mumbai and Mumbai- Nashik flight service, and that is non other than Kingfisher Airlines. Nashik is situated on the bank of river “Gadavari”, and it’s one of the Holly Rivers in India. “Kumbh Mela” is one of the biggest attraction of Nashik, and it use to get celebrated after each 12 years. Kumbhmeal is the largest religious gathering in the universe and it use to held in Nashik. No I can’t write much about the Kumbh Mela here, it will take 1000’s of such pages to write about kumbh mela… please some other time, but in brief….Panchavati_Nashik_Godavari_River_Maharashtra_India_Photo-By-_Himanshu_Kumar_(TheZeroLife.Com)There are many things (places) to see in Nashik for the new comers, Nasik is a pilgrim city, and has name mentioned in Hindu’s holly book called “Ramayana”. There are many evidences still present in the Nashik City, and proves the “Ramanaya”, true. SEZ (Special Economic Zone) projects are going through Nashik, and being specific SEZ project is already started at “Sinner”. Sinner is situated at about 25 Km away from Nasik. Nashik is also known as the “Grapes City”; Nashik is well known for its grapes and onion productions, and fulfils the need of India and foreign countries.

In the near feature “Nasik will be known as the Science City in the India and World”, I have planned and wished to produce world’s best Scientists, Engineers, and Mathematicians from Nasik; and it’s my dream. I want a 7-10 year child to (should) assemble and draw electronics circuits, and use the components like transistors, microcontrollers and program them accordingly. I want them to teach robotics, astronomy, biology, maths, physics…. Yes We Will Have To Start From Bottom. –Himanshu Kumar Singh.

Thus Nashik is full of Pilgrim, Investments, Love, Pollution free, Science, Industries, Education, Grapes, Feature hi-tech and Super City and my dream Science City.

Before giving you the Nashik – Mumbai Kingfisher flight schedule, we would like to give you or introduce you with the important names of the places to see or visit while been in Nasik.

Panchavati : Panchavati is the main attraction on Nashik. Many tempels and holly places are situated at or near the panchavati. Kumbha Mela of Nashik use to held at panchavati, on the bank of Gadavari. Kala Ram temple (Mandir), is in panchavati and it is one of the attraction among many.
Sita Gufa : Sita Gumfa is also in Panchavati. There is a cave and inside there is a Shiva Ling and the statues of Sita (Wife of Lord Rama) and Ravana is kept there and showing kidnapping of Sita….. It is said that “Sita, Rama and Laxmana” stayed here (in the cave) for some time during their exile.


Rama Kunda : It is believed that the Lord Rama had bathed, and that’s why it is called “Rama Kunda”. A bath or dip in the Rama Kunda is considered as a holly bath, and will free you from the cycle of the death and birth.

Tapovan : It means, a forest where everybody use comes for very hard praying (Tapa) to God. Tapovana is well known for the Nose cutting of “Shurpanakha (Surpanakha was the sister of Ravana)” by Laxmana (brother of Lord Rama). It is situated near Panchavati but 3-4 km away on the bank of River Godavari.

KalaRam Mandir : On the occasion of Rmanavmi, Chaitra Padwa, and Dashera, the Kalaram Temple use to carry out a procession. The mount of the Kalaram Mandir temple is made up of 32 tons of gold. It is located in Panchavati, Nasik Maharashtra.


Kalaram mandir : The foundation of this temple was laid by Peshwas.On the occasion of Ramnavami, Dasara and Chaitra Padwa (Hindu new year day) the temple carry out procession. The temple is carved out of black stones.The speciality of this stones are that they were brought from Ramshej 200 years ago. Nearly 23 lakhs of rupees and 2000 workers were employed to built the temple in 12 years.The mount of the temple is made up of 32 tons of gold.

Coin Museum : Coin Museum is at Trambakeshwar, it on the way while going to Trambakeshwar. Trambakeshwar is about 20 Km from central Nashik. Coin museum is a famous museum of its kind in Asia region. It has the collections of coins, stamps and many currencies.

Trambakeshwar : Trambakeshwar is situated at about 20 KM away from CBS (Central Bus Stand) Nashik. It is famous for Lord Shiva Jyotir Linga. There are total numbers of 12 Jyotirlinga in India and the Trambakeshwar is one of them. Kumbha Mela also use to get celebrated at Trambakeshwar for the Lord Shiva devotes at Kushawarta pond. It is considered that river Godavari is starting from Trambakeshwar, and the Brahmagiri Mountain.

Pandava Caves (Pandu Lena) : Pandu Lena is at the starting or at the entry of Nasik is you are coming from Mumbai by road. It is also considered that the Pandava stayed their during there exile. It is mainly the collectionsGargoti-Sinner-Nashik-Stones-Minerals-Museum_(TheZeroLife.Com) of caves and the Lord Buddha status.

Someshwar : Someshwar is the name of Lord Shiva. Here Someshwer is the name of village, it is situated on the bank of Gadavari River. At Someshwar there are many numbers of Lord Shiva and Lord Hanumana temples, and a small water fall of Godavari River is available. It famous for boating into the river as many boating clubs has been started.

Muktidham : It means that, you will become free from the cycle of the Death and Life if you will visit this place. Muktidham Temple is near the Nashik railway station and known as Nashik Road. There are number of hindu god status are kept into the temple, 18 Chapters of Gita is written on the wall of the temple. It will be a fast (nearest temple) visit for you, if you are crossing the Nasik Railway station, but remember it will take about 30-45 minutes to go there and comeGargoti_Museum-Sinner-Nashik-Stones-Minerals_Collection_Sell_(TheZeroLife.Com) back.

Stone (Minerals) Museum : It is on the way to Sinner MIDC Nashik, and known as Gargoti. Gargoti is very famous and pride of India as well as Nashik and Sinner. Gargoti is having huge collections of stones, variety of diamonds, and prestigious stones (minerals), which you can’t see any where except Gargoti. Gargoti is having the best collections of prestigious minerals in the world. Gargoti is also selling and exporting minerals. Must visit Gargoti if you are a nature and mother earth lover.

Now here is the Live Google Map of Nashik… You can explore and see what to see in Nasik and How to Reach Nasik.

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Here is the Flight Schedule for Nasik to Mumbai and Mumbai to Nasik.. one and only flight for Nasik is available through Kingfisher Airlines. You can also come to Nasik through railways…it’s easy and cheap. Visit

Nashik Mumbai IT4194 Departure 17:45 Arrival 18:30 All Days Kingfisher. 28 Feb 2011 till 26 Mar 2011.

Nashik Mumbai IT4114 Departure 17:45 Arrival 18:30 All Days Kingfisher. 27 Mar 2011 till 22 Aug 2011.

Mumbai Nashik IT4193 Departure 16:35 Arrival 17:20 All Days Kingfisher. 28 Feb 2011 till 26 Mar 2011.

Mumbai Nashik IT4113 Departure 16:35 Arrival 17:20 All Days Kingfisher. 27 Mar 2011 till 22 Aug 2011.

Flight schedule of Kingfisher Airlines for Nasik to Mumbai and Mumbai to Nasik will change from 22 Aug 2011. Please inform us in comment if you see any change in schedule.. Also see Entire Kingfisher Flight Schedule and 50% Flight Medical Discount.