Japan 11-Mar-11 Tsunami, Earthquake, Before & After Image. Live Video & Supermoon.

No human is unaware of the Japan Tsunami and earthquake news, these days. Lots of rumours as well as truths are already spreaded around us everywhere and in every country. Every country is forced to rethink about their preparations about such natural disasters… and also it not the problem of only Japan, it the question and problem of our world… what are our (Indian) preparations? Or does it will not happen to us? Better to be positive…

Here is the satellite image of Japan taken by NASA, showing the devastation in Japan caused by the tsunami and the earthquakes..ya its earthquakes. Below one photo shows two images of Japan, before and after tsunami. One image on the left was taken on September 5, 2010 and one on the right was taken on March 12, 2011, one day after the quake. Via NASA Image.Japan_Before_and_After_11-Mar-2011_Tsunami_NASA_Image_(TheZeroLife.Com)

The devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan happened on dated March 11th,Friday. It’s the largest earthquake ever recorded in Japan. The biggest earthquake of Japan has shortened the length of earth’s day of 24 hours by 1.8 microseconds– according to geophysicist “Richard Gross” at NASA JPL. This happened because of the high magnitude earthquake of 8.9 to 9.0 in Japan on Friday, 11 March. More refinements are possible as the new information and data will come. Gross told to Space.Com. The closer the mass shift during an earthquake is to the equator, the more it will speed up the spinning Earth. After 11th March more than 125 aftershocks (small earthquakes) had all ready stroked the Japan till date on the everyday basis.

“In theory, anything that redistributes the Earth’s mass will change the Earth’s rotation,” Gross said. “So in principle the smaller aftershocks will also have an effect on the Earth’s rotation. But since the aftershocks are smaller their effect will also be smaller.” Via- Space.com.

On the 19 March 2011, there is Full Moon, and it is going to happen after 18 years, it is known as the SuperMoon. The Moon is going to come very near (nearer to the earth in its orbit) to the Earth, and its also the FullMoon, thus gives the name Supermoon.

Some astrologers are connecting this super moon with the Japan Tsunami and earthquakes, and also guessing / predicting some big and powerful tsunami and earthquake again. Many studies are already made about supermoon and scientists are denying, such natural disasters having any relationships with supermoon.

Here is one YouTube video showing the Earth Quake in Japan – Tsunami. LIVE News 11.03.2011.

Japan Tsunami and EarthQuake of 8.9 on 11 March 2011 Friday, TheZeroLife.Com

Again the same question; are we prepare for such natural disasters and nuclear power plants blasts and leaks….? The world is going towards The Zero Life… We should be positive and think that, it would not happen again, and we are safe… Just be positive and don’t do any thing…