Semi-final Schedule For The World Cup 2011, India Vs Pakistan.

We have posted all the schedules for the world cup 2011. In this world cup, semi final match is going to be the most important match in the world; the only reason is the India and Pakistan match. India and Pakistan is going to play in this world cup semifinal cricket match. Recently In the World Cup Quarter Final 2011 matches, the performance of the both teams ware very nice. Peoples are getting emotional regarding this match. Peoples are planning to take leave from their offices, form their colleges; children are deciding not to go to schools. It is going to be the most viewable match in the world. So here is the Semi Final Schedule for the World Cup 2011.

29 March 2011, 14:30;          New Zealand Vs Sri Lanka;     R Premadasa Stadium, Colombo.

Sri Lanka won by 5 wickets 220/5 (47.5 overs); New Zealand 217 (48.5 overs).

30 March 2011, 14:30;          India Vs Pakistan;                           Mohali, Chandigarh.

India 260 Runs 9 Wickets;    Pakistan 231 (49.5 overs); India Won The Match By 29 Runs.

Now the India and Sri Lanka is in the World Cup 2011 Final Match.

Enjoy the Cricket World Cup 2011 Final match in Mumbai, India. Last Updated on 30 March 2011.