BSNL Cellone Mobile Settings For GPRS, WAP, MMS And Mobile TV Streaming.

BSNL CellOne is the leading mobile service provider in India. Cellone is providing the best experience of an internet service on mobile phones from normal to smartphones. BSNL has started the first 3G service in India before any other operators. 3G service has excellent internet speed and video calling capability. Bsnl has already discounted the video calling charges for there cellone users. GPRS speed of the Cellone SIM card is excellent on the mobile phones. Settings for the Cellone GPRS is very easy to apply or configure on the mobile phones; but you need to start the 3G or GPRS service by calling to the call centre or by applying to the BSNL office. If you are using prepaid SIM card and want to get the 3G service or the GPRS, than you doesn’t need to intimate, for using or to get/start the GPRS service.

The BSNL GPRS settings what I am using on my Cellone SIM card is as follows; I am in the west side of the India, so the GPRS configuration or the settings may change for the other parts or regions in India. Here is the BSNL Cellone GPRS Settings.

BSNL Profile Data Account Setting: 

Account Name : bsnlnet

APN : bsnlnet

User Name :

Password :

Authentication Type : Normal

BSNL Cellone Profile Setting:

Profile Name : bsnllive

Home Page :

Data Account : bsnllive

Connection Type : HTTP

User Name :

Password :

Here, if you are not in the west region of an India, than these settings may not work for you, visit for your device settings, and you will be able to use the internet on your mobile phone as well as computer, you can also view the TV on your mobile phone through BSNL’s Mobile TV Streaming service and thus you can get Movies, Videos Clips and Live TV Channels, available at BSNL Live Portal. Also see Indian Live TV Channels On Mobile Phone.

The settings for the mobile TV streaming are to be saved in the, Media player of Mobile Handset. Remember that to get these special services a special charges may imply; confirm it form the BSNL Mobile Call Centre by calling to 1503 or 1504 or 24365 or 9400024365 you can also call to get the settings. You will have to wait for about 15 to 20 minutes if you have decided to call the call centre. You can also SMS: GPRS to 53733 to activate your GPRS and to get the settings for GPRS, WAP, MMS on the BSNL Cellone SIM card, for more details about the BSNL GPRS settings visit