TheZeroLife April 2011 Magazine.

This is the TheZeroLife.Com April 2011 Magazine. This TZL (TheZeroLife.Com) April Magazine is the collection of 11 articles, related to the Technology, Share Market, Japan Earth Quake, Super Moon, World Cup 2011, and others. I am sorry for not publishing the TheZeroLife March 2011 Magazine, I was little busy in the month of March, in robotics competitions and electronics projects competitions. You can consider this TZL article as a monthly Magazine or Monthly Free Newsletter.

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Kingfisher Airlines is the five star airlines service in India, you can book the Kingfisher airlines tickets, get the schedule and the flight status using your mobile phone, and this requires some special codes that is SMS code for Kingfisher.

Here is the Entire Flight Schedule for the Kingfisher Airlines in Downloadable PDF for free, if you travelling very frequently using flights, than it is must to keep one copy of the Kingfisher Schedule PDF in your Laptop.

Till date, Nasik, Maharashtra, India; is having only one flight from Mumbai in a day, and that is of King Fisher Airlines. Nashik is one of the well known pilgrim city of India. If you want to visit Nasik by flight, than here is the time table / schedule for Flights from Mumbai to Nasik and Nasik to Mumbai. If you are planning join “Kumbha Mela” or “Kumbha Parwani” of Nasik than you should keep in mind the place to visit in Nasik. Here is the brief collection of the places to visit in Nasik.

Nokia has launched new a mobile phone i.e. E7, and it is awesome. Nokia E7 is very similar to Nokia N8, and the only physical difference is that, the Nokia E7 is having physical Key Board that is QWERTY. You can get here the technical specifications of the Nokia E7. Read the little comparison between Nokia N8 and E7 and the Specifications.

You can order Nokia E7 online on the Nokia India website before the actual launching, i.e. pre launching. The Nokia E7 pre launching price in India is Approx Rs. 29,999. So here is the detail of, how to order the Nokia E7 and the Price.

The fans and the lovers of Nokia Mobile Phones, would like to see the Nokia E7 Images. So here we have collected the Nokia E7 all images, i.e. side view, front view, back view etc. Get the Nokia E7 images and see what is there in the nokia e7.

On the 11-March-2011, our world witnessed one of the biggest Earth Quake and Tsunami in Japan, every human is aware of impacts and the nuclear leaking problems after the tragedy. Japan Earth Quake has changed the earth rotation speed, and thus the day / night time of our earth has been changed. The Japan Earth Quake and the Tsunami was so huge that, it changed the Japan map immediate after the mishap, See the changed map image of Japan and the changed earth timing.

Now the Cricket world cup winner has been declared and that is an India. But for the historical record you can keep this article to see the world cup 2011 Quarter Finalist, Quarter Final Schedule, Team Points and the venue.

An initiative has been taken by , with the help of Indian banks, to make the application easy, and available for the general people in India. This article explains the meaning of , how to apply for the IPO using ASBA and the names of the banks having ASBA system with them. It’s the must read article for the IPO lovers and new comers (in the field of share market) in India.

As every body knows that Cricket World Cup has been completed and India won the world cup 2011. So here you can keep this article as a historical date of the semi final schedule of the world cup 2011.

After winning with the Pakistan team in Semi final, India was in the final of World Cup 2011. India Played the Final of Cricket World Cup 2011 with Sri Lanka and won the cricket world cup 2011. . So here was the world cup final match schedule, between India and Sri Lanka.

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