BSNL Mobile 3G, GPRS, Live TV, MMS, Settings Through SMS Codes.

BSNL is the first to start the 3G service in India. Now many players like Airtel, Reliance, Vodafone, Aircel, TATA are offering the 3G service in India, with the good download and upload speed to the mobile phone, and thus allowing the video calling and high speed internet to the mobile phones. Many people come to me (contacts me) every day to configure their mobile phones for GPRS, so that they can surf internet on their mobile phone and also can connect the mobile set to there PC, for their home internet use. Most of the BSNL mobile users don’t knows how to get the GPRS and get the 3G service and settings/configurations on their mobile phones.

There are two methods what I can suggest to the BSNL Cellone Mobile Phone users, to get the GPRS settings on their mobile phones.

First one is to call to the BSNL Mobile customer care No. that is : 1503 and 1504. Calling to the BSNL Mobile Customer care is itself is a very tedious job, and it can take 5 minutes to 25 minutes (most of the time I found it upto 15 minutes), to connect the call to the customer care agent. So my advice is, don’t disconnect (cut) the call after few minutes of frustration (Start the Speaker Phone of your mobile phone, and keep your work doing), wait till they pick up the call, this is because of bsnl’s huge network and huge customer base.BSNL_Mobile_GPRS_3G_Service

And the second one is to start the BSNL GPRS / 3G service through SMS. I talked to the BSNL customer care agent and got the following SMS codes, regarding GPRS, LIVE TV and MMS services. APN is the important part of the GPRS / internet settings on the mobile phones. APN is nothing but the “Access Point Name”, change in the APN can change the mode of service on your mobile phone and it can be done manually. Different APN means different service like GPRS , MMS, TV Streaming etc..

On your BSNL cellone mobile phone change in APN can offer you different services as follows:

APN: “bsnlnet” is meant for 3G services, GPRS services and you can also connect your mobile on your computer.

APN: “bsnllive” is meant for simple and limited bandwidth GPRS (internet surfing) on your mobile phone.

APN: “bsnlmms” is meant for MMS services, that is to send and receive the picture, music messages (Multimedia), to and from one mobile phone to other mobile phone No.

APN: “bsnlstream” is meant for bsnl Live TV streaming on the Mobile Handsets.

Note: APN is to put without quote, and the above mentioned services have different charges and the charges can change time to time, please conform it form bsnl cellone mobile call centre. Postpaid bsnl customers require different plans as per there need, and to be confirmed form call centre or BSNL office. After receiving the settings into your SMS inbox be sure to SAVE the settings, and where ever PIN is required put 1111.

To activate GPRS or 3G on BSNL Cell One SIM card, and above mentioned services, you can configure manually the APN as mentioned above, or can get the settings on your mobile phone as per your handset make by sending SMS. The SMS codes to get the above services (GPRS, 3G, MMS, LIVE TV), and activation is listed below.

SMS : GPRS<space>PRE to 53733, to get GPRS, 3G activated on your prepaid mobile phone within 72 Hours. But generally it starts within one day.

SMS : Mobile Make<space>Model No. to 58355, to get the GPRS settings as per your mobile handset model No. Ex. : Nokia 6630 to 58355, will give you the GPRS settings compatible to your Nokia mobile Model No. 6630.

SMS : LIVE to 58355, will give you the settings for BSNL live, this is limited bandwidth GPRS setting to surf BSNL live portal.

SMS : BSNL to 58355, will give you the settings for GPRS, BSNL Live, MMS, and Live TV streaming on your handsets, be sure to save the settings after receiving it into your SMS inbox.

SMS : TV to 58355, to get the setting for Live TV streaming on your mobile phone.

SMS : MMS to 58355, to get the settings for MMS, that is Multimedia Messaging Service. To be able to send Pictures, Images, Sound or Music message to another mobile phone.

To set the Pyari Jodi offer, Phone No. that is, Two Land Lines are having 20 Paisa Per Minutes calling rates, and One STD land line is having 30 paisa per minutes calling. This facility you can get by calling to the bsnl customer care and suggesting them the local and STD phone No. . Also you can get this facility by sending a SMS to 53733.

SMS : FF<space>First Land Line No.<space>Second Land Line No.<space>Third Land Line No.

The first two Land line Nos. will be your Local Nos. and the last one will be your STD land line BSNL No. you will have to write the STD codes of your local as well as STD land line Nos. without putting Zero (0) and space between them. If your attempt is successful you will get a reply SMS from bsnl. Enjoy BSNL high speed 3G, GPRS, and Live TV services. Also see BSNL Cellone GPRS Manual Settings.

If any change and suggestions please feel free to comment, for the benefit of other readers and amendments.