Facebook For Google Chrome Browser Extension.

Facebook extension or addon for your Google Chrome Browser becomes necessary if you have hundreds of fans and friends on your facebook account. It can also be the answer / solution of the question "How to use blocked Facebook at offices and colleges" in some cases. It is obvious that you are using facebook into your browser or with a facebook desktop application on your computer. And overall conclusion is that you are using facebook by any means; am I right?Facebook_For_Google-Chrome_(TheZeroLife.Com)

What if you can use your facebook chat, read / write to your facebook wall, read the news feeds, post status updates, inbox and gets the notifications; just without opening any extra tab, or minimising your google chrome browser. Yes, one nice Facebook for Google Chrome browser extension is available, to make your facebook chat, posting and reading to wall vary easy, fun and time saving; and that’s without opening any new tab, or minimising your chrome browser.

Facebook for Google Chrome is a extension available at Chrome.Google.Com/Extensions which will allow you to do nearly everything what you can do on facebook.com also supports English, Spanish and French; saves your time and energy. Visit Facebook for Google Chrome Extension HERE through your Google chrome browser so that it will be downloaded directly into your google chrome browser.

After download and installation of the facebook for google chrome extension you will see a icon into your google chrome toolbar (big “F” probably at the right side of your toolbar); click on that and that will take you to the Facebook Login Page.

Facebook_Request for Permission_(TheZeroLife.Com)

Now login to your facebook account, and the extension will ask you for the permission, just click allow and finish.

The facebook for google chrome extension is good enough and it is performing well at me, some time it use to hang, but in feature updates it will be fixed, good chrome extension and nice attempt. Also Read Six powerful Browser. Suggest me your opinions and about the google chrome extensions that you love lot.