How To Make Blogger Blog Mobile Version, For Free And Without Changing Code. Through Blogger.Com

Here is how to make your blogger blog mobile template or theme without changing codes for free through Here is the best method or initiative has been taken by the for their bloggers towards making blogger mobile template or theme compatible to the mobile phone browser. Now a days it is very common to browse internet, reading your favourite website on the mobile phones. Every regular blogger wants to make their website or blog compatible to the mobile phones or you can say compatible to the mobile browsers.

There are many themes available which can convert your regular blogger blog template into mobile browser compatible template; you can also achieve your goal of making your blog mobile version by just changing some of your blogger’s template HTML codes. Problems which you can face in above procedures are :

  1. The site which is providing you the free mobile template for your blog can insist you to make the mobile version of your blog on their subdomain or can insist you to add there site hyperlink/name on you blogger mobile theme.
  2. The second problem you can guess easily is; not all bloggers are comfortable with the theme or the template codes and don’t wants to play with the HTML & XML codes, mainly when he or she is not comfortable with the HTML or XML language, and the theme designing methods.

The easiest & the best method I found for the blogs to make the blogs template or theme compatible to the mobile browser is to make your blogs mobile version through settings page. Below is the how to make your blogs mobile version through blogger:

Just visit to the and login to your blogger account (if you are new to the and don’t have any blog than start a blog visiting Go to the setting tab/link below your blog name (if you have multiple blog than go to the setting of your blog for which you want to make the mobile version). See the first image below. How_To_Make_Blogger_Blog_Mobile_Version_Template_(TheZeroLife.Com)

Now finally you reached the setting page of your blog wants to make mobile version; on the setting page you will see “Show Mobile Template” and the two options as shown  in the second image here below; just click the first option “Yes. On mobile devices, show the mobile version of my template.” and save the setting which is available at the end of the setting page (logout from if you don’t want to do anything else). That’s it ! now visit your blog on your mobile device using mobile browser and enjoy your blog’s mobile version, tell your friends & family.Blogger_Setting_Page_For_Making_Blog_Mobile_Version_Template_(TheZeroLife.Com)

Thus you can make your blogger blog mobile version in few clicks for free without playing with or editing your blog template HTML codes. I preferred this method for my blog @ this method is very easy and genuine, maybe it is known to every blogger @ If you are a blogger than keep blogging and if you are a reader than keep reading…….. and experience the Science, Technology, and Life @ the zero life .com.