What To Buy UPS Or Inverter? Explanations.

This is extension to the article “Points To Know & Consider Before Purchasing Your UPS Or Inverter”. Here is the further explanation of the term involver into the UPS and Inverter purchasing in simple terms for the benefit on consumers.

What to purchase UPS or Inverter? : First of all you will have to decide and fix the choice between UPS and Inverter. If you want to run just a single computer, and nothing else; go for the purchase of UPS with the low VA or Watt ratings (as per your computer requirement). If you want only to run 1 or 2 or 3 computers/laptops as per your requirements or 1-3 computers/laptops and one CFL with 5-20 watt only, than go for UPS as per the load power (Watt/VA) requirement of your computers. If you will see than understand that here I am only talking about the computers/laptops, it means, that the computer/laptop requires an UPS, and in some cases if you are having high Watt/VA capacity UPS than you can also connect one little CFL or LED lamp of 1-20 watt only. Luminous_Inverter_UPS_(TheZeroLife.Com)

Remember here that if you are connecting little CFL or LED lamps of 1-20 Watt than be sure to practically see and confirm that after mains power failure and UPS switching to the battery supply; your PC/Computer/Laptop should not reboot or restart due to the surge current of CFL or LED Lamps.

So, now let’s purchase Inverter or the equipment which can power your home light, fan, tv etc.: It is very simple to understand that your home appliances do not require 100% pure power or you can say pure Sin Wave AC supply, and the faster switching between the mains to battery supply (faster switching is good but it is not required for home equipment i.e. <10ms switching). So if you want to only run your home appliances like TV, AC, Little Water Pump, CFL, Tube Lights, Fans etc. and not Computer or dedicated loads than go for Inverter.

If in future you are planning to purchase a computer/laptop, and want to run CFL, Tube Light, Fan etc. along with your computer; than it is better idea to go for a Hybrid technology i.e. Inverter + UPS. Hybrid means, it will have the power of Inverter but the switching capability (fast switching <10ms) of an UPS. There is nothing to fear about the cost, it will be just INR 100-500 Plus/Minus.

Inverters are categorised as per there out put waves, that is: 1) Square Wave, 2) Cosine Wave 3) Sine Wave. There are no Square waves available these days. All are nearly sine wave or cosine wave out put power. Go for Pure Sine Wave or Cosine Wave inverter/UPS.

Now I think you are quite wise to decide between the Inverter and UPS for your home,

I am having the working experience of about 6-7 years in the field of Inverter and UPS, regarding Servicing, Manufacturing, and Designing etc. it was small for single computer as well as of 30 KVA power. You can ask me any question about your Inverter/UPS, I will answer you as soon as will get time, or clear your doubts with your UPS/Inverter Dealer.Microtech_Inverter_UPS_HomeUPS_(TheZeroLife.Com)

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In the upcoming articles I will explain you, about the Watt and VA ratings of the Inverter and UPS, How to calculate your home consumptions, How to calculate the battery backup in Hours and battery capacity for your requirement, and many related factors. Till keep reading The Zero Life, and Experience the Science, Technology and Life.