Reasons For Unknown Site Links In Google AdSense Site Performance Report.

If you saw any unknown site link (address)impressions to your Google AdSense Site Performance Report, that you never visited and managed to show AdSense Ads; than here are the possible reasons for that.Google_AdSense_Image

Yesterday I was looking to my Google AdSense account, to check my site performance. And I shocked to see the names of some sites which I had never seen or visited or own and managed for my adsense account. This may also happen to you if you are a Google AdSense user.

If you will see something like that in your google adsense account while checking your sites performance report, you can have some hundreds of questions or fear in your mind. Like some body is showing your AdSense Ads on their sites, and thus allowing you to earn from their site free of cost… without any contract, or communication; what a man! … unbelievable! Or; the other side can be, that some site with Illegal or Adult content is showing your Google AdSense Ads….. Oh.. what can happen than …. may this will ban my AdSense account? There are many such questions…. which can make you speech less.

First of all you understand that, showing your Google AdSense Account Ads on some other site is not so difficultGoogle_AdSense_Site_Performance_Report_(TheZerolLife.Com) for any site owner or Blogger. The earning form that ads (Your google adsense ads on other site) will only come to you, that’s in your pocket.

I too saw such 2-3 sites name in my Google AdSense, site performance report, which I never visited and owned. I searched the help for “why my google adsense site performance report include sites I don’t manage” and here are the results and the google answer for the same, for the benefit of other AdSense users; having the same problem.

You can check your adsense sites earning performance on new AdSense interface, it is shown at the right hand side on the full report page.

There are many reasons that, adsense can show some impressions for the site you don’t manage or added any adsense ad on them. If it is not done intentionally than below are the reasons:

# Problem One: You can see a unknown site name, or some garbage link in your adsense site performance report, if you or anybody else had forward your webpage with adsense ad, in some E-mail client.

# Problem Two: This can happen due to improper iFrame redirect. If improper iframe is implemented on a site, than a Ad form the nested site can show the impression, and thus the site name can be seen the AdSense site performance report.

# Problem Three: You can see the name of the site (link) who serves your content from their own domain . For example: google translate may show your translated content from google domain, and thus result in impression.

# Problem Four: You can see some site link or blog link in you adsense site performance report, if a site owner / publisher or blogger is copy pasting your site (website) content (with adsense code/ad) and publishing on their site or blog. Thus the link of the site or blog with duplicate content can show ad impressions, into your adsense site performance report.

From now don’t worry and keep serving / blogging, enjoy Google AdSense, be ethical, and real. Keep reading TheZeroLife.Com, with Himanshu Kumar Singh.