Why Adsense Earning Suddenly Dropped ? All In One Guide And Answer.

If you are a blogger or a site owner, and using Google Adsense Ads for your site or blog, than you can see sudden increase as well as sudden decrease in your earning. I saw many wondering and asking “why my adsense earning dropped”, but nobody had ever asked “Why my adsense earning suddenly increased”. Am I right?

Actually the reasons behind the dropping of your Adsense Earning, is having the exactly opposite reasons of your Sudden increase in Adsense earning…. but the questions and investigation only starts after dropping of your AdSense earning. Isn’t it ?

You can see the sudden increase and sudden decrease in the traffic (visitors) of your website / blog, and these are without any reasons and clue. These Ups and Downs are always with (common for) the Bloggers and with the Site owners, and thus accordingly reflects the Adsense earnings / impressions.

There may be several reasons behind the dropping of your Google Adsense revenue or earning, and exactly opposite reasons for the increase in the revenue or earning of your google AdSense.

We will just have a brief discussion of the question “Why My Adsense Earning Suddenly Dropped” and now you can understand the reasons behind the sudden increase in your Adsense Earning.

# First and the most important factor related to the earning from Adsense Ads is traffic or the number of visitors on your site. In one of my article I wrote that, one and only tips to success in blogging is to write one article every day. If you can write one article every day you will get everything like traffic / visitor, earning etc. all are inter related. One and Only 100% Fool Proof Tip For Blogging.

So we are talking about the traffic or visitors, on your site or blog, traffic and the adsense earning / revenue are directly proportional to each other. If your earning has dropped than check your traffic or the number of visitors. I think you can understand what I want to say.

# Second one reason to consider is, the change in the rates of bids on the Ads. Advertising rates or the bids can change as per time, day, season and the targeting sites, and it keeps varying, the variations depends on many factors. Rates of the bid for any specific keyword, time and season is not in our control (in the hand of publishers). The retail advertisers use to increase their advertising bids in a particular season or festival. Thus chance in the rates of advertising bids can have drastic impact on you Adsense earning, and you can see major changes in some specific month or season or festival.

# Third one is the type of ad clicked by your visitor or user. With the help of custom channel you can detect the most clicked places on your website. Again which type of ad, the user or the visitor will click is not in our hand, only we can try to place the highest CTR (Click Through Rate) Ads at the most clicked area of the page. Thus placing ads on the page area is also important and can affect your earning, also can result in sudden drop or increase in the earning if you are experimenting with the ad placements.

# Fourth reason related to the sudden change in the Adsense earning is the, Page crawling by the Search Engines, If the page crawling of your site is not done than the adsense cant show the relevant ads on the page, and thus result in the ads click. Google AdSense Help says:

If we’re unable to crawl your pages, we’ll be unable to match relevant ads to your pages. Also, our crawler is less effective at deriving meaning from images or dynamic content, so we encourage publishers to include text content on their pages. In addition, after you update your site, it can take our crawler up to 48 hours to visit your pages and update your ad targeting.

Form now don’t worry, if your adsense earning gets sudden drop, this can be just a seasonal effect, or just wait and check the optimization of your site, website, or blog as per the Google Adsense Optimizer Or Google One Click Optimizer. Also read and main your site to earn most of your Adsense Ads, Read the AdSense Beginner’s Guide and Why Are My Earnings Dropping at Google AdSense Help (AdSense New Interface) Here.

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