Images Of Stars & Nebula, You Are Not Going To Share And Like. But It’s My Favourite.

Most of the readers are not going to enjoy the below pictures of the space, stars and universe. As many of the internet users are fond of viewing the pictures of their favourite stars (Hollywood, Bollywood and Celebrity) regular as well as the secret pictures. Fantastic, Mind-blowing, and Mouth-watering isn’t So…… and saying small and capital “xyz” and “abcd”. So you are not going to share (E-mail) this post and will delete immediately.

I love Listening, Reading, Watching, Viewing, about (at) the Space & Universe. I Love everything about Space & Universe. I use to keep an eye on the NASA’s Image gallery., never missed any extraordinary image of the space or the universe from NASA website and space events.

Here are few NASA’s image from the image gallery, which I came across & loved, also kept it on my wallpaper and hope, you will love too.

Download Full Size Image of the Earth’s Moon from NASA Image.

This image is of the Earth’s Moon (Earth’s natural satellite) at the centre with the limb of earth, near the bottom transitioning into the orange colourer troposphere (lowest and the most dense portion of the earth’s atmosphere).
Download Full Size Image of the Star Formation form NASA Image.

This is the image of the star formation. This image is from Chandra X-ray Observatory and Spitzer Space Telescope, showing the molecular cloud Cepheus B. The Cepheus B is located in our galaxy at the distance of about 2,400 light years from our one and only Earth.

“The Chandra observations allowed the astronomers to pick out young stars within and near Cepheus B, identified by their strong X-ray emission. The Spitzer data showed whether the young stars have a so-called “protoplanetary” disk around them. Such disks only exist in very young systems where planets are still forming, so their presence is an indication of the age of a star system.”

Download Full Size Image of the Pacman Nebulafrom NASA Image.

The above picture is of the “Pacman Nebula” i.e. NGC 281 Nebula. It is colourful, huge and interesting. The star cluster NGC 281 is located at about 9,200 light years from the Earth and almost 1,000 light years above the plane of the Galaxy.

Humans are very small creature in this universe. You will fell this whenever you will dare to see at the space or the universe. You will come to the conclusion that, it is fare better that the stars and black holes are far-far away from us. It’s ok that it makes us difficulty in the study about the stars, the galaxy, the black holes etc. What about the energy the stars have, we would never-ever be able to withstand in front of these tremendous energy.. Stars& Black Holes are playing a big role in balancing the energies into the universe and fuelling the galaxy.

All and everything in the universe is properly balanced and equation-ed, nothing is random; as I always use to say to my friends that “Every equation should be equal to zero, if it do not (Imbalances); the nature adds or subtracts or multiplies or divides something (from here to there)to it; to make it equal to zero, and keeps maintaining it always.”—Himanshu Kumar Singh.

There are many more NASA and other space/universe images to showcase here to you as my favourite space pictures, but the space and time is limited. View more NASA images HERE. Will try to post my favourite space and universe pictures time to time.

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This is my personal hobby to view (keep watching) at the stars, planets, space and universe, and hope that, the most of the readers are not going to enjoy the above pictures. As you are habitual of searching and viewing the pictures of the stars (Bollywood and Hollywood) of your dream and saying Oh So….Hot…. Se…. (Sizzling) and XYZ.

But still if You are Abnormal and fond of looking at the stars and the pictures like above than comment and send some images or pictures links to enjoy others.