Know Exactely The LCD & LED Monitor/TV Technology & Differences. What To Buy For Desktop And Gaming.


Many people I know are planning to buy a TV sets (for their huge dining) and huge Monitors (for the use of desktop, gaming, and media works), are confused, now a days. The confusion is about nothing but regarding the TV technology available in the market. What to purchase LCD TV / Monitors, or the LED TV / Monitors. What differs the LED Monitors and LCD Monitors or TV Technology.

Indian TV entertainment, and display (monitors) market is already flooded nearly 60% with the LED TVs and monitors from various pioners in the field, like Philips, LG, Viewsonic, BanQ, Toshiba, Samsung, Sony etc.

Just by using LED monitors, or TV, you can get plenty of benefits.

* LED monitors are much sharper than the LCD monitors.

* You can save more than 50% power (electricity) if you will use LED monitors or TVs, even thow having high contrast ratio as compare to the LCD one.

* Contrast ratio of the LCD monitors are approximately 50,000 : 1, where as the contrast ratio of the LED monitors/ displays are much higher than the LCD monitors, approximately 10,000,000 : 1.
* LCD Monitor gives pictures much brighter, sharper and relastic.

If you are a gaming guy (gamer), and wants to use your Monitor, display, or you can say TV, only for playing the games, than the Response Time comes into the picture.
Response time is a important factor to be considered if you are adicted to the FPS games. For FPS games or for other high speed games the Response Time required is less than 2 milliseconds, and the heigher than this will not work, i.e. 4 or 5 milliseconds.

What is the technical difference between the LCD and the LED technology? Mainly in simple language you can say that the background light used for the illumination of the display (image, picture) is only different for both, and nothing else.
In LCD monitors the light source used at the back of LCD screen are CCFL lamps, and thus it takes little more time to achieve full brightness than the LEDs and the brightness, & contrast is low.
Where as in LED monitors/displays/TVs, behind LCD screen the backgroung lighting source used are LED lights. Thus the brightness, contrast, and the life is higher, and takes no time to switch On and Off (faster time response).

I think you got my point ! Yes the front screen for both LCD and LED monitors are same and its LCD only. But in feature the front screen will we replaced with some other display materials, LEDs will be replaced with some AMOLED or Super AMOLED, or OLED etc. possiblities are huge…. Its a hot issue and the scientists are working hard.
You just definately go for the LED monitors or TVs, and see for the Response Time, if you are a Game Freak.
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