What Is JBoss ? How To Use It And Its Resources. Start Using Today, It’s Free And Open Source.


What is JBoss? Many of my readers, those are not from the field of Computers, Web Development, Server Administrator and the most importantly not related to the Open Source Community (or you can say that of “Open Source Mentality”), may be reading the name “JBoss” first time.

Ok… No problem… different professions have different terms of use or the words/dictionary which we computer, or the technical persons will never come across.. so there is no need to proud or some thing like that… it’s just fine…..
JBoss is a application server software, JBOSS is available for any operating system which supports Java. JBoss Application Server (or JBoss AS) is an open-source Java EE-based application server, and an important thing for this class of software is that it not only implements a server that runs on Java, but it actually implements the Java EE part of Java. JBoss is also a cross-platform application server. JBoss organises JUDCon event every year, and this year it is first time in India.l

JBoss application server was developed by JBoss, now it is a division of Red Hat. Download the latest JBoss Here. To read more and everything about the JBoss visit http://www.jboss.org/, lots of webiners are available here on the home site, including lots of how to tutorials, implementation guides etc. So start using JBoss application server today, and also the nice thing is that is an open source.. free to use and change.

Also attend the JUDCon 2012 India, to learn each and everything about the JBoss, and to meet with the team behind JBoss.