Nokia Secure Mobile Money Transfer, Without GPRS\Internet. Make Your Money & Life, Easy & Secure.

Nokia India has launched a secure money transfer’ service using Mobile Phones. This service is not limited to only Nokia Mobile Phones (handsets), the Nokia Money transfer service without an Internet will work on any (all) mobile phone handsets in India.
It’s a Mobile Wallet Service by Nokia. Using Nokia Money Service you can Transfer your money, make Payments such as, Utility Bills, Premium of your Insurances, Mobile Recharges (Top-Ups), You can book your Train Tickets, these all without an Internet Connection (GPRS) and bank account.

Now here is how to avail (get) the Nokia Secure mobile money service.
To start the Nokia Mobile Wallet Wallet (Transfer) Service into your mobile phone, you will have to visit to your nearest Authorised (Genuine) Retailer or Nokia Priority Center. They will set up the service to your mobile phone (Any mobile phone, not only Nokia) & will put (Transfer) the money into that, tell them also to teach you the system and how to transfer money using it.

This service is started by Nokia India, I don’t know if it is available to other country. I am using the Nokia Mobile Money Transfer Service, and I am Fealling quite good to have money into my mobile phone ready to transfer any body without an GPRS or internet.
Nokia Mobile Money will work on allmost all mobile phones of any brand including all Nokia Models (oldest and latest one).

The service is started by Nokia will be definitely best, but I think they should advertise it and make people aware of the service to get benefited. You too enjoy this service and get easy and secure money transfer.
I am writing this article using Nokia E7 Mobile Phone from my new Flat (House), yesterday (3 Feb 2012, Friday) there was a house warming program and little puja…. We decided to do big puja and party after 2-3 months. Yesterday night was the first night in the new home.

Let me know if any problem, and your experiences about the service in comment, for the benefit of other readers.