Free Belle Nokia Tutorial, How To Update To Belle For Free, Safely And Your Self. Without Risk. Download OVI Suite.

Nokia Belle has been released on 7 Feb 2012, and it is ready to get downloaded on all Nokia compatible hand sets. You can update or download Nokia Belle on Nokia N8, C7, Oro, E7, C6-01, E6 and X7 directly using Nokia Suite, Free of Cost, and get the Never Before Power, Look, Widgets, Graphics into your Nokia Mobile.
First of all Hurraaay…. That Nokia Belle is released after long waiting…. I am waiting for Nokia Belle from many months…. And finally it is here. Nokia Belle release is the worlds most Awaited, worlds most Required, Most Powerful, Enhanced, Beautiful Mobile OS (Operating System).
Here is a tutorial for you to “How To Update Nokia Belle” into your Nokia Smart Mobile Phone, Carefully and in the Easiest way.
I updated my Nokia E7 Smart Mobile Phone from Anna to Nokia Belle last night; so I am quite fresh here to guide you about “How To Update To Nokia Belly” easy and secure way in steps. In the coming article I will share you the Power Of Belle, and whats New in Belle.

Here is a little tutorial and step by step guide to update your Nokia Anna OS into Nokia Belle. :

1) First of all don’t panic and be cool. Nokia Belle is available for you as long as you want and there is “No Last Date” to download.

2) Nokia Belle is available for “Nokia N8, C7, Oro, E7, C6-01, E6 and X7” through Nokia Suite, only Nokia 500 will get the Belle update afterward.

3) First of all Backup (Take Into The PC) your all All Videos, Images, Songs, Documents, PDFs, Notes etc. just by connecting your mobile to your computer and using Mass Storage Copy & Paste method.
All though Nokia Suite will also automatically backs up your contacts, messages, calendar, tasks, notes, bookmarks, web feeds, landmarks and the predictive text dictionary. The backup is then restored to your phone after the update.

The contents of your phone’s mass memory and memory card, such as photos and videos, are safe and won’t be touched during the Nokia Belle update. The update do not proceeds if the Nokia Suite Backup do not success.
So there is no reason to fear atall; all the applications downloaded from OVI Store will be installed into your mobile if it is compatible to Nokia Belle.
The applications you Installed from out side will not install automatically, hence it will be removed from your mobile phone after Nokia Belle update.
But for your valuable Photographs,Videos, Documents, it is important to get it before and write it into CD or DVD. Your moments of photograph will never come again.

4) Start Full Charging the Battery of your Nokia Mobile Phone to be updated. Check that you have latest version of Nokia Suite, i.e. 3.3 in your computer (PC). I think it is better to download it again than checking, Download Latest Nokia OVI Suite 3.3 Download Here if this download link do not work or changes than visit Nokia Belle Update Page “Belle Update OVI Suite” and get the OVI Suite download, it is approx 92 MB.

5) Install the Nokia OVI Suite into your PC, Installation requires you to have at least 2GB of free space into your hard disk on which you are installing it. install it and Exit.

6) After Nokia OVI Suite installation, switch ON your Internet connection (connect PC to internet),
You need to have your SIM card inserted in your device before starting the download. Now connect your ready for update Nokia Mobile Phone using Nokia USB chord (remember to full charge your Nokia Mobile Phone before update). Start the Nokia Ovi Suite, wait little to detect your connected Mobile Phone & for the connection with OVI Suit. If Problem comes in detection Switch OFF & than ON your Computer & Mobile Phone Both, and than repeat the Step 6 again.

7) Now I assumes that your Mobile Phone is connected to computer, PC connected to Internet and Mobile Phone is detected by the OVI Suite. Now check for Update for your Mobile Phone, by pressing “Software Update Icon in OVI Suite” (It is at the Top Left, Second Right Icon, in the group of Icons). It going to give you the message that “Update Is Available You Your XX Mobile Phone”. Now press Update. That’s it.

8) Now the OVI Suite will download the update in your computer first, it is Approx 300 MB download, and will take about 30 Min. as per your internet speed. in between you make a cup of Tea, read some Magazines.
Nothing will be asked to you by the software..

9) After completion of the download, it will start for the “Back Up” of your mobile, and after Backup it will start for the “Installation” of Nokia Belle. And this will again take approx 30 Min.

10) Once Finish Button become dark or or appears on your OVI Suite, you can disconnect your Mobile Phone, start using it, Now give/provide inputs asked by your Mobile Phone. And and start enjoying your totally new Nokia Mobile or you cans ay Nokia Belle.
Now Chear up…. And smile.

But here Some Very Important Points to Remember and Do.
* Never Never touch your Mobile Phone, even if it ask you to enter/choose your language and enter your E-Mail/User ID etc.
Just remember Not to Touch Your Mobile Phone, till a Finish button appears on your Computer OVI Suite Screen.
* Ignore all the messages givien by your Computer such as “Your Mobile Phone is disconnected, Mass Memory is ready to use etc.”. Just remember to Ignore all the messages given by your computer and dont take any action.
* At the time of Installation/Update your mobile phone will “Disconnect” several times and will “Restart” many time, so don’t give any response, and don’t get panic.
Just wait and watch and don’t touch/respond any thing till a Finish button appears on your OVI Suite.
* Remember your Computer should not “Sleep” or “Auto Lock” during this procedure.
Note: Don’t use your Mobile Phone Internet/GPRS to connect internet, downloading, of Belle. As you should not use the device you are updating, for the downloading or Internet. It is recomanded by Nokia. It can cause problem to your mobile phone.
* This Tutorial is for Window PC, and can’t be usefull to Linux, and Mac OS.

If you are not confident, to update yourself or if you dont have resources than it is best idea to go to “Nokia Service Center” and get your mobile phone updated to Nokia Belle, for free. This Nokia Belle is free update from Nokia, and Nokia Service Center Should not Charge you.
Yes they can charge you for Update if your Mobile Phone is Dead, or have some problem.

Share your experience for updating Nokia Belle into your mobile phone and of your new Nokia Belle OS. Enjoy, Life Is Like That.-Himanshu Kumar Singh.
You can share this tutorial to any Nos. of your friends, for free…