Problem Updating Nokia Belle Or Other Nokia Update? Trouble Shooting Guide/Tutorial To Repair Your Nokia Mobile.

Problem after Nokia Belle Update? Read this guide if your phone is not switching ON after Nokia Belle update, or Backups are not restored. This guide may also help you for any other update problems from Nokia OS. Means in feature if you are updating to any other new OS update from Nokia, the steps can be same and will help you to trouble shoot your Nokia update problem.
If you are a Nokia Smart Phone user you should definetly upgrade your Mobile Phone to Nokia Belle OS. Read How To Upgrade To Nokia Belle Tutorial Safely Step By Step. New Nokia Belle OS is available for Nokia C6-01, C7, E6, E7, N8, X7, Nokia Oro and only Nokia 500 will get the update after few days.

* Here is a simple and short guide if you get (to your) Problem while Nokia Belle Update or If the Phone Stops Working And Not Switching ON After Nokia Belle Update. :

1) First you can remove the battery to Nokia C6-01, C7, Nokia Oro and E6 and then restart the phone as many usual Nokia users know ths very well.
But what for those Nokia models which don’t have removeable battery? Unremovable battery models of Nokia smart phones are E7, N8 and X7. For unremoveable battery models of Nokia i.e. E7, N8 and X7, hold the power button for about 10 seconds to reboot your phone.
After doing this your phone should start normally, and if your phone start in Noramal way, let it start properly and don’t disturb.

Now if your phone started normally using this step, first check for the software update using your GPRS connection and if it shows some available update; update it immediately.
Or after switching ON normally; connect it to Nokia OVI Suite and check for update using OVI Suite, and if the update is available go for the Update and update your Mobile Phone Immediately.

If this step doesn’t help to start your Nokia Smart Phone Normally, contact your local Nokia Carepoint or Nokia Contact Center or Service Center. Or read the Nokia Belle FAQ but I will suggest you to visit to your Nearest Nokia Service Center.

* If your Nokia PC Suite or OVI Suite stops while updating to Nokia Belle, or If your USB Cable loses connection or if your Internet connection stops during the Belle update in the middle

2) You should wait till 15 to 20 minutes without touching to any thing and without disconnecting any cable (USB & Internet also PC should not auto lock or sleep). During this period update should resume and every thing should work in normal way. Read How To Update Nokia Belle.

3) If the above waiting don’t help you than:
a) Disconnect the USB cable from your phone. Keep your OVI Suite or Nokia PC Suite and Internet Connection ON.
b) Press your phone’s power button for about 10 seconds, let it start if it restarts.
c) Reconnect the USB cable to your PC, and kept ON OVI suite (Internet connection).
d) Wait for the installation to continue.

And if this procedure don’t help you (Not updating to new OS or Mobile Not Switching ON) than head to Nokia Service Center without having any second thought.

* Some time it may happen that, your Nokia Mobile gets the Belle (or other) update properly and fine, but your Contents are not there (not visible or working) and also you don’t see your contacts, calendar (entries), bookmarks, etc. Or you can say that Nokia automatic Restore didn’t worked. Here is the solution for this:

4) First of all you know that the Backup of your phone content (all contents) is stored to (for Wondows PC/OS) the path C:\Users\[username]\Documents\Nokia Suite\Backups and includes “Nokia_Belle_Update” in the filename.

5) If the automatic restore doesn’t work, you can try to restore your contents manually by opening the “Tools Menu” in Nokia OVI Suite and selecting “Restore”.

a) In the dialog that opens click the “Next” button and then ensure that all content types are selected under “Select what you what to restore”.

b) Additionally please also check that your backup file is automatically selected in the drop down list under “Restore content from:”. (If not, please click “Other backups….” in the drop down list and then choose your backup file from the location mentioned above i.e. the restore file path as in step 4.). Than click Restore or Finish.

Thats it! and your all BackedUp contents before Belle (or other update) update including contacts, calender, bookmarks etc. will be restored into your Mobile Phone at the required places.

And I request to you that, if any thing from above doen’t solves your problem than don’t play and destroy your hand set (as You got very powerful and beautiful Nokia Hand Set), just go to the nearest Nokia Service Center, as it is very easily available across country or near you. And get your hand set back as a partner to you. Read How To Update To Nokia Belle before updating to Nokia OS.
Enjoy Nokia- Himanshu Kumar Singh “Life Is Like That”. Discuss if problem. You are free to share this article to whom you love and care.