Free Addictive Game “World Of Rabbit” On All Nokia Series Keypad, Symbian, Belle Download.

Yesterday I found a very Addictive, Easy, Entertaining, Good Graphics, All Age Group Game for Nokia Smart Phone users or lovers. The name of the Game is “World Of Rabbit”. The Nokia game World Of Rabbit is freely available to OVI store to download.

I just found it while surfing on the OVI store, downloaded it and started to play, and I played it for 1 Hrs. in one go, and got the scowled face of my spouse, in result and award. I quit the game, aftet getting chance after few hours I started it again (World Of Rabbit Game) on my mobile phone (E7).
World Of Rabbit is a very addictive, simple and sweet graphics game for Nokia mobile phone (user). It is also a favourite of my children and they too become addictive to it. In simple means “World Of Rabbit” can be played by any age group.

The game “World Of Rabbit” is available for Nokia Symbian OS S60 5.0 phones, as well as new Symbian and Nokia Belle smartphones like the Nokia N8, Nokia C6-01, Nokia C7, Nokia E7. Current version for Nokia S40 and S60 Keypad and TouchAndType devices with Flash Lite 3.0 or higher (X3, C2, C3) is also available. I think it can be tried on Nokia 52XX series mobile phones too.

The story of World Of Rabbit is some thing like this:
In the not too distant future robot overlords rule the Earth. The only surviving race, aside of from some monstrous creatures, are rabbits living deep beneath the Earth’s crust. This is the premise of Breakdesign’s addictive adventure and puzzle game known as World of Rabbit.

You can customize your own Rabbit, it is having three parts to each level, your rabbit will be a very busy animal with all the running, dancing and puzzles it will be doing.

The first part of each level consists of a trail three bunnies wide. It’s your job to guide your rabbit through the trail by tapping the up or down arrows while picking up the many carrots strewn about. Tap just the screen and your rabbit will leap over obstacles, such as mounds and spiders, in the way.
Upon reaching the end of the trail fairly unscathed you rabbit will be pitted against a slew of baddies, spiders being the first, and must dance excessively to beat them. Tap each baddie, the bigger they are the more taps they need, but be quick, more will come at you as the timer continues to tick away. If you’re lucky you may even have some missiles to help you out of a pinch.

See the World Of Rabbit video on YouTube

Finally, after making it so far, possibly even avoiding a death by spider, it’s time to solve a puzzle portraying the level you’ve just finished. This is definitely the easiest portion of the game, and a great reprieve from constantly tapping away at your screen.

The best part of the game World Of Rabbit is that You don’t have to play alone! By playing online you can make other rabbit friends and sync up your scores to see how well you are doing in the rabbit revolution. You can say mobile online gaming.

World of Rabbit (WOR) is available in the Nokia Ovi Store for free. Download World Of Rabbit using your mobile phone through OVI store Here.
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Also tell me about your favourite and addictive games on Nokia and Android mobile phones. We will share that, with our many other “The Zero Life” readers. Let’s play together.- Himanshu Kumar Singh.