Record Breaking / Historical Cold In Nashik City, After 40 Years. Historical Low Temperature In Nashik.

Nashik reached the Historical Low Temperature Record. The reason of writing this article is that I am in Nashik now and few days back on Thursday 9th February 2012 was the record braking cold in the Nashik City, Maharashtra, India. It was measured 2.6 Degree Celsius Low and 26.4 Degree Celsius High temperature record. This is the lowest temperature (Minimum) record in the history of Nashik in last 40 Years. Now at the time of writing this article the temperature is moderated and quite OK.

It was a sudden fall in temperature in the Nashik City, due to the cold waves form North India. There is the record Snow Fall in the North Indian region. The Nashik temperature dropped due to the wind flowing from North to South these days.

Suddenly people started wearing sweaters, jackets etc. and many people was even not prepared for the sudden fall (drop) in the temperature in the range of 2 Degree. I even come to know that some regions in the Nasik district was having the low temperature of Approx. 0.40 Degree and Minus 1-2 degree (-1 to -2 degree), the regions ware Trambakeshwar and Ozar (these are the major known places in the Nashik District).

I was also feeling sudden change/drop in the temperature, but as usual I took bath at 6 AM with the cold water (as I use to take bath with the cold water whole year) and as usually I do not use to wear cold cloths / sweaters / jackets (only wore cold cloths / sweatersss when I went to Shrinagar / Kashmir few months back), when I came out in the morning for walk; I was chilled due to cold weather… and I was shivering.. due to cold wind flowing with the high speed.

Last year the lowest temperature measured in the Nashik was 4.4 Degree Celsius and this year (before this incident of historical low temperature). Earlier the minimum temperature recorded (measured) was 0.9 Degree Celsius on February 1972, this historical record I found on the internet search because I was not in the existence to see and fell that cold.

Once upon a time the Nashik was known for its pleasant atmosphere and it was (it is) a hill stations. Nashik is surrounded by many mountains and hills… come to Nashik and enjoy the Pilgrim City, Wine City, and Grape City all in one time / visit. Read What To See In Nashik  & Reach,  and Nashik Mumbai Flight Schedule. – Himanshu Kumar Singh