Best Free WordPress Map & Place Plugin, To Show Places, Addresses, Hotels, And Many More. Make Site Interactive.

Map Plugin for your WordPress Blog can make your Blog or website more interactive. Nokia Map WordPress plugin is free and easy to use. Also its the answer of ‘How To Add Maps In Post/Articles In WordPress’.

More and more bloggers and website owners are engaged in making their blogs / website more & more interactive. Site interactivity means, the blog or website should interact with the visitors in many or all respect.
Displaying Map and showing ATM, Hotels, Amusement Parks, roads, street, is the next generation, website / blog interactivity, which you can very easily show or display on your blog, using Nokia Maps free Plugin.

Using Nokia Maps plugin you can easily add Places and Addresses into your wordpress post or an articles. Nokia Map Places plugin is powered using Nokia JS API.

You can very easily add Maps, Places, Hotels, Addresses, and thus you can share your favourite places on the map in the articles or post. Nokia Map & Place plugin is freely available for the installation through the wordpress plugin service.
It doesn’t need any configuration, and adds button to media insert/upload section.

Some features of WordPress Map Plugin (Nokia Map Plugin) is as below:

☆ You can search using keywords, choose a place from a list and insert the place widget into the editor.
☆ There are 3 ready-to-use templates to customize your places widget.
☆ WordPress Map plugin also Supports wordpress dashboard QuickPress.
☆ If you think in terms of databases, it stores data in a shortcode, no additional tables needed.

Using this Nokia Map Places plugin, you will make your Blog, Site more interactive, will help you to express your views clearly, and you can also help your readers.

See what Map plugin author says:

Readers of your blog will be able to:
Pan or zoom a map, Rate a place, See contact information (phone number, e-mail, Web page), See a place in Nokia Maps, Share a place on Facebook or Twitter with one click, Share a place on any Web site using an URL, If a place allows booking (hotels, etc.) – initiate booking with one click.

Download the Free Map Plugin for WordPress Here .

and if you want to read more details about the Nokia Map Plugin For WordPress visit Here .
See the below video to know how to use Nokia Map Plugin for WordPress and what you can do more:

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