Use Your 3G Internet On Your Other Devices Using WiFi For Free. Free Application Software On Nokia.

JOIKUSPOT_TheZeroLifeConvert your WiFi mobile phone into WiFi hotspot and share your 3G internet, on your other unlimited number of WiFi devices. I found a application named JoikuSpot which converts your mobile phone into a wifi hot spot. JoikuSpot is the best free application for your mobile phone, using this software you can use your mobile internet on any number of other WiFi device, say WiFi Mobile Phones, WiFi Laptops etc. for internet surfing and downloading.

JoikuSpot is available on the Nokia OVI store, for free to use and download. The version which is free is a light version, and it is giving full access of your Mobile Phone internet to other wifi users without any encryption, or security and controls. Means if you want control over your WiFi uses than you have to purchase, and the price is not high. For Nokia users or on Ovi Store the light version of JoikuSpot is available for free and the Full Version is for just Rs. 150.

I tested JoikuSpot on various Nokia Models like X6, C6, N8, E7 etc. I come across some news that “Nokia OVI is gifting JoikuSpot Premium Edition (Full & Paid Version) for free to their Nokia E52, E72 and E5 users. Just you have to open open your OVI Client on the mobile phone and you shall get the JoikuSpot Premium Edition for Free.JoikuSpot is also available for the the latest Nokia OS that Symbian Belle and Meego. If you are a single user and just using your mobile phone’s 3G (or GPRS) to surf internet on your Laptop, than the JoikuSpot Light Version is more than enough for your use.

What is the difference between the JoikuSpot Premium Edition and the Joiku Light version. Who and why to go for JoikuSpot Premium edition.

* First difference between the JoikuSpot premium and the Light Version is that, Premium edition gives you all Internet and the E-mail protocol support. This means you can use your email clients like Outlook or Gmail and access all the internet services requiring different types of protocols, inclusive of VPN protocols for corporate use.

where as the JoikuSpot light version has only HTTP(s) support, means that you can just surf the normal Internet using Joiku Light.

* Another main difference is the security of your WiFi hot spot, this WiFi security gives you the ability to control your WiFi users. Just anybody can’t use your mobile phone 3G internet through your WiFi, if you are using JoikuSpot Premium. Using JoikuSpot you can Password Protect and Encrypt your WiFi connection.

* JoikuSpot Premium Edition has the best internet connectivity performance and stability, best algorithms for battery life and sophisticated 3G reconnection functionality that always detects the best possible network signal and bandwidth available and routes the internet traffic accordingly.

Here is some Solutions / How To, if your JoikuSpot do not works or start or connect to the 3G or Internet:

* Always select the 3G internet access point, and not he WAP access point while starting the JoikuSpot.

* If your JoikuSpot is not starting or not able to start, than see that your WiFi connection is switched OFF or ON and do it ON. Also see that the WiFi is not used by some another applications like Whatsapp, Fring, etc.. configure them not to use your WiFi connection.

* Make sure that your connecting device(s) (e.g. laptop or tablet) should allows AD HOC WIFI connection.

Download the JoikuSpot for your Nokia WiFi Mobile Phones from Nokia OVI Store HERE. or just visit the Joiku website for other make mobile phone Downloads.

Make your Mobile Phone a WiFi HotSpot and surf 3G Internet of your Mobile Phone on the Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, and also on other Mobile Phones (more than one). Keep reading TheZeroLife.Com and get Evolve- Himanshu Kumar Singh.