Free, Open Source Blogging Software/Client For Blogger, WordPress. Zoundry Raven Portable Application.

Today we will talk about the Zoundry Raven a open source & free blogging editor client. If you are blogging, than you will definitely need some offline blogging tool or you can say, some Blog editor or software or some sort of blogging software / client.. Your are using or of self hosted WordPress website or blog, what ever it may be; you will need some blogging client now or then. Bloggers are always busy in writing some article, and also their brain use to be busy in searching some mind-blowing article, or the article which can create some buzz on the net. One and only tool for success in the blogging is writing and writing that’s it.. So the blogging client makes your life easier as well as faster..The editors of Blogger & WordPress are not so user friendly and also they need you to be online. The blogger and word press should make some best client for the PC / Laptop and Mobile Phones, all though many clients are available for PC and Mobile Phone, but they are having many bugs.

I am using Windows Live writer and Zoundry Raven for continuous update to my blogs (Yes Blogs you can update to many blogs using single client ) my blogs are and Any idea for the article I get in my mind I use to write it as a rough article in my blogging clients like Windows Live Writer or Zoundry Raven and saves in draft, and use to edit it as I get time using my Mobile Phone through WordPress Nokia client.

Ok Today we will talk about the Zoundry Raven, a Open Source, Free Blogging Client for your computer, and some other day we will discus about the Windows Live Writer and also about some Mobile phone blogging clients / software.

As the webpage says, Zoundry Raven  is the next generation Open Source WYSIWYG blog editor / client that makes posting to your blogs easier and faster. It’s as easy to use as a word processor, & include simple tools to add links, tags, photos, music and video files, and more. The team want to make Raven the best blog editor in the world, so if you have any bug while using tell them or if you are a programmer than join the project as it is Open Source.

Here is a quick summary and features list, to Zoundry Raven Blogging Editor or Blogging Client / Software :

* You can post to multiple blogging platforms, like WordPress Self Hosted, Bloggers, Word Press, Movable Type & TypePad, Windows Live Spaces,  and many… you can post the same article to different blogging platforms for your different audiences.

* You can view your article or post or blog before publishing in the same look or way how others will see it after publishing; that is WYSIWYG.

* Raven or Zoundry is having a powerful indexer, you can browse all of your previous posts across all of your blogs by tags, links, or images. Makes easy to keep history and edit the published post / articles after months or years and publishing it again.

* The very best thing is that the Zoundry Raven blog editor is a Portable Application, thus you can carry it in your Pen Drive / Portable Drive / Thumb Drive / Flash SD Card, anywhere you go and use it on any PC (Friends PC, Office PC, School PC, College PC etc. without installing) and can start blogging without installation into the hard drive / without installing Zoundry Raven; this is known as the Portable Applications.

* You can easily drag and drop images, video, and text from the Web or from your PC and can post it instantly. You can preview your post / article in you blogs template before publishing it supports Unicode (UTF-8).

* If you are a HTML expert and like to play with the XHTML than it is here too. You can edit you blog post’s HTML / XHTML / Source Code before publishing or posting.

* You can set up different media services like Picasa, Image Shack, Ripway, and custom FTP using Zoundry Raven blog editor.

Ok now its enough, try yourself and feel the difference in blogging. Download the Zoundry Raven a Free and Open Source blogging client from the Home Site. First of all when you will start using Zoundry Raven you will feel it little hard to use but after using it 4-5 times you will know every aspects of it and will become master. Keep Reading TZL to get into knowledge. – Himanshu Kumar Singh.