Start Posting Your Voice On Facebook & Twitter For Free, A New Trend. Free Applications On Nokia And Android.

Its become the old trend to type your messages on the Facebook & Twitter. Just try and start posting/sending your voice on the Facebook wall or in the Twitter’s tweet. From now you just record your voice using mobile phone and post it on the Facebook Or Twitter and share it with your friends and families for free (you will be charged for your data charges/ gprs).
These two applications are for Nokia Mobile Phones, and also can be found on Android Market and for Windows Mobile (Search “Voice Share” for Windows 7 Phones) with the same name or after little modifications in the name. These applications are awesome, you will become addicted after few use, and will start the habit of posting / sending your voice clips to your friends/personal friends/families etc.

Blaving allows you to record 2 minutes voice message in your voice through microphone using your Mobile.
This application on your mobile phone will publish voice posts automatically on your Twitter and Facebook pages. Thus from now don’t worry about the character limits… on facebook, as well as on twitter. Using this application is easy like cutting a cake. All you have to do is to start the application, sign in and give your Facebook (Twitter) user name and ID. That’s it !! Start recording and keep sending your voice posts to your friends and family. Download Blaving for your Nokia Mobile Phone HERE , you can also Free Download Blaving from your own Ovi store. Visit the Home Site of Blaving to get fun now, listen some Audio and see how every body is using. Blaving is available for Nokia, Android, iPhone, Blackberry…


AudioBoo, is an another application on Nokia Smart Phone which will let you record your voice and share with the world, facebook, twitter and with many other social networking sites. The free version of AudioBoo will allow you to record up to 5 minutes of audio for free and shares your Voice with the friends and families on Facebook Walls and in Tweets.
What you got in your mind, from this onwards don’t try to express using words (as expressing in words are more difficult than expressing in Voice).
Using AudioBoo you can add titles, tags and connect with Ovi maps and share your Location. Download AudioBoo for your Nokia Mobile Phone HERE , also you can download it from Nokia Ovi Store.

These are very interesting applications, just waiting you to download and use. Posting your own voice is fun on your Facebook, Twitter and other Social Networking Sites. Let your friends ask how you are doing this. I think there is no need to explain you how to use these applications. Still If you get any problem, please feel free to Comment.

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