Becoming A Dad / Mom? Notify In One Click & For Free, To Your Friends & Family. Congratulations…

Want to inform about your new born baby, that your baby has arrived? Going to Become DAD or MOM? Very Excited, and little Tensed, isn’t it? Ya you will be  very much eager to inform it to your friends and family after delivery. Here is an internet tool which is going to make your life easier, and going to help you to Notify your Family & Friends that your baby has arrived. It is nothing but BabyNotify; Baby Notify will do your all job after getting a baby to you.

Baby Notify is a free internet tool which helps you to notify your Family and Friends that your baby has arrived. It will send notifications to every body in your list through E-Mail, Text Message i.e. SMS, updates your Facebook and Twitter profiles and walls, and the best thing is that these are totally free (100% free). Just I was searching such tools for my brother (would be father) and came across this.

Just imagine that, you are traveling to some destination, in plain, or in train or just simply waiting into the hospital in tensed conditions, but not in the situation to inform any of your friends and family and getting frustrated. It is very tedious job to make the list of friends and family to be informed. You can’t control your emotions and happiness, and you just want to Bang… and sometimes even you can dance, and sometimes you can also get Tears of Joy into you eyes…..BabyNotify_(TheZeroLife.Com)

Actually this is a very crucial situation, and a memorable moment of your family, and your life. So both of you now become a parents, Now you will have to think, behave like a Big man or so called parents. Baby Notify is going to help you on this situations. Baby Notify allows you to send E-Mails notifications to upto 100 Contacts and Text Messages (SMS) up to 30 Contacts and it’s  all 100% free. Baby Notify connects upto Two FaceBook and Twitter accounts and can import your contacts from multiple E-Mail accounts. There is no limit for importing E-Mails from your Yahoo Mail and Gmail accounts. Baby Notify is also available for your iPhone, Android Phone and as a Chrome Application.

So don’t hesitate and  start using the Baby Notify internet tool to inform you friends and family, enjoy and encase the moment of becoming a parents. Don’t let your emotions wash away with time… Its very easy and simple just you have to Sign In to Baby Notify and you will be automatically guided…

Best of luck and Congratulations to you and your Family…  Share This To Your Other Friends Going To Become DAD or MOM, and also don’t forget to Tell Your New Born Baby To Keep Reading TheZeroLife.Com  To Become Pioneer In Science, Technology , And Life. Hello DAD…Oh MOM..- Himanshu Kumar Singh.