Never Afraid Of E-Mail Links Now. Open All E-Mail Links In Automatic GMail Compose Window.

Open any E-Mail link in Gmail automatically. Google has good understanding of the internet users or behaviours. Many times as a net freak / or as an internet surfer you may had came across many E-Mail links while visiting to some Blogs, Website, or even your Android Application store or OVI Store. There you may see some thing written; For example : Mail to Author :-, Or Mail To Administrator :-, Or Mail To Application Developer :-….. What happens when you click on these.. or some thing like e-mail links or contact links? Yes you know ….. it use to open your email clients on your computer or laptop, some thing like ‘”Outlook or Thunderbird”; and says you to send the email through them or as usual if you never used it, it says you to configure…. your email client i.e. Outlook or Thunderbird.

As I stated earlier that Gmail has solved the problem of many internet users like me. Saying frankly, when ever I use to get such e-mail / e-mail to links, I use to Copy that link and again use to Past it on my opened GMail window (Gmail in my browser) and if it is not already open I use to open Gmail in my browser… This was a very tedious job to mail any website administrator, or article writer (article/blog author), or application developer; copying and pasting the E-Mail link etc…. Some times due to this lengthy process I avoided to mail some important people.. for some important work….

Now my problem has been solved by the Automatic Gmail’s Compose Mail option or window. Now; whenever I use to click on any E-Mail link, a fresh GMail Compose window use to open in front of me with the same E-Mail address in “TO” option.

Now want to enjoy E-Mailing (Opening E-Mail links directly in GMail) like me? It’s not a big issue, I mean to say that it’s very easy to do so.  Just here is a simple method to activate or set Gmail as your default Mail Client in Google Chrome; you can also set GMail as a default Email Client in Firefox and Internet Explorer, too. Read more on Gmail Blog, if you wan to know more about the topic.

1) As soon as you will open Gmail in Google Chrome a pop up will come from up after login to your account. See image below.


It will say something like this “ Allow GMail to open all E-Mail Links”. Here you will have to click “Use Gmail” and that’s it. After doing this, whenever you will click any E-mail link it will automatically open a “GMail Compose Window” in front of you; ready to E-mail with the E-Mail Address.

2) Suppose that; if you got the pop up like above in Step 1 in your Gmail and clicked “ON”. Yes you can do this, before reading this article (or if you are not the regular reader/ subscriber of TZL), by mistake. Ok Now here How to activate externally “Gmail to open all E-Mail Links” from your Google Chrome Browser.

Actually this system is known as Handler. You can disable or re-enable (enable) the handler from your browser. See the steps below to activate or deactivate the handlers (Gmail to open all E-Mail Links) in Google Chrome Browser.

a) Click the wrench Toolbar_Wrench_Icon_Settings_Icon icon on the browser toolbar.
b) Select Options (Preferences in Mac and Linux; Settings in Chrome OS) —> Under the Hood —> Click Content settings button —-> On the new Dialog (window) find the “Handlers” section.
* To allow requests, select “Allow sites to ask to become default handlers for protocols.”
* To disable requests, select “Do not allow any site to handle protocols.”
* Choose a default handler (GMail in our case) or remove a handler (do as you wish and check clicking on some email links to get the idea).

If you are a Firefox User then read HERE to Change the e-mail program used by Firefox, its too simple. You can get an idea of configuring Default handlers on FireFox Browser or you can say here E-mail Clients, By Just looking at the Image below.


Now get some little knowledge about the Handlers. Many times links use to take you to some new page or use to open same specific program to perform some predefined activity. For Example: mailto: links can open your email program and webcal: links can add events to your calendar program. These links are referred to as protocols and the programs they use are called “Handlers”. Many web services these days, including Gmail and Google Calendar, can act as handlers. Read More Google Articles.

Ok My E-Mails Copy, Past problem has been solved, and wish you to solve it soon.. and make GMail as your default E-Mail Link Handler or activate GMail To Open Your All E-Mail Links

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