Get BSNL Choice Mobile No. Officially. Read Method, It’s For Free All Over India.

Get the BSNL Choice No. for your mobile phone. It is difficult to get the BSNL SIM card as many of you know. This is because of their huge demand, cheapest and the best service in India. Mobile No. portability service is already being used by many mobile users. Actually you can get the BSNL mobile SIM card very easily if you can take little pain of going to the BSNL office. Now here is the choice No for your BSNL SIM card.BSNL-MOBILE-(TheZeroLife.Com)

Now you can get the choice no. of your BSNL Postpaid and Prepaid SIM cards officially. Previously it was a very difficult option to get your choice No. form BSNL. I took my Choice No. for my BSNL sim card, by requesting the BSNL officer. But now you don’t need to request anybody to get your BSNL choice No. SIM card ending with your lucky / favourite or choice number and also to get the mobile No. portability.

Here we are giving you the method to get the BSNL choice No. for your new BSNL SIM card officially. The example given here shows the SMS codes and method for the Maharashtra region in India. For other circle you can ask to your nearest BSNL office at your region, or can try changing Maharashtra region code as per your Region code or State in India.

First Method / Procedure to get the BSNL choice No. through SMS. :

1) Type SMS as NLIST<space>MH<space>1-5 digit ending with your choice No. (any 5 digit of your choice No.). Here MH indicates the Maharashtra Circle.

2) If you are a BSNL customer and sending SMS using BSNL Mobile No. then send it to 53734.

3) If you are sending SMS using other Mobile No. (other than BSNL mobile No.) than send it to 9400012345.

4) Sending SMS to above both Nos. will be charged at the normal rates (as per your current normal SMS rates).

5) Example for Maharashtra Circle, SMS: NLIST MH 65465 (Here 65465 is your choice No. i.e. last 5 digit of your choice mobile No. you can choose only last 5 digits)

6) You will receive the list of 10 Mobile Nos. matching to this or nearly matching to this.Now you will have to reserve one No. from this list.

7) To reserve the number, send SMS: CONF<space>Selected Choice No. Of You Choice from the list. Send SMS to 53734 or 9400012345 as explained in Step-2 & Step-3.

8) You will receive a PIN in your SMS and this PIN number will be valid for 96 Hrs. (valid for 4 days) only.

9) Now visit to your nearest BSNL Customer Service Centre / Dealer / Franchise / Retailer with the documents (Address proof, Photo ID, etc.) and the received PIN No. also tell them the confirmed choice mobile number (actually PIN says everything).

Now to get the BSNL choice number through Internet or using the BSNL website. :

1) Visit the BSNL web site (for all India bsnl customers) or (for Maharashtra circle customers only).

2) Now click the “Flashing News” saying “Choose Your Mobile No.”.

3) Now Select your BSNL choice mobile number from the list of available numbers.

4) Now you will receive a PIN as a SMS to the mobile number entered in the web page.

6) Now you will have to enter the PIN (received PIN in your SMS), to the appropriate window (whenever asked on the website) to confirm the selection. If you will not enter the PIN your choice No. will not be confirmed as selected.

If you are still confused, if the choice number service / method is not working, and if you need more help Call To BSNL Helpline 1503 (from bsnl mobile) OR 1800 180 1503 (from any mobile phone or landline no.).

Ok I think you understood the method of getting the Choice BSNL Mobile No. get it and enjoy the Bsnl mobile. actually BSNL mobile offers the great service / technology, and the BSNL 3G or GPRS is the best mobile internet in India. Also read BSNL 3G Settings for BSNL 3G, MMS, Live TV, and BSNL Live TV Streaming Settings. Share this article and Tell about getting Choice Mobile No. for BSNL Mobile with your friends and family. – Himanshu Kumar Singh.