Marry To Veena Malik, Apply Here On NDTV Imagine. A Marriage Reality Show.

Wow! You are going to marry Veena Malik after reading this article, isn’t it? Marrying with the male or female celebrity is the dream of many young as well as old guys… and why not if it is with such Hot celebrity like Veena Malik.

You may have seen her in Big Boss Part 5… and from then you become mad of her. Ok, now here is chance to fulfil your dream of marrying with Pakistani Actress Veena Malik, real Hot and Beautiful or whatever you say…

Veena Malik’s new and recently launched movie is "Gali Gali Main Chor Hai", just go and see her again if not saw her before, or if you are a fan of her.

As usually NDTV Imagine use to do a reality marriage show. NDTV Imagine is launching again a reality show of marrying with a celebrity. I am sure that you are already familiar with the show name "Swayamvar" on NDTV Imagine. NDTV Imagine use to show marriage reality show on the TV. This time NDTV Imagine is going to show Veena Malik’s Swayamvar as a reality show.

So if you want to marry Veena Malik than you can apply for the same on NDTV Imagine online (website). You have to download the online application form from the NDTV Imagine website for free and apply for your participation.

Hurry, Veena Malik is available for marriage, if you will pass the exam, she will marry you in front of all NDTV Imagine "Swayamvar" viewers..


Don’t worry, thanks to me that I am out of competition. I am already engaged, that’s why your chances of winning has been increased, and you are not going to face any tough competition. Visit here to download the application form and marry to Veena Malik on NDTV Imagine. Really you will have a great time and experience of a marriage
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I will be there watching you on the NDTV Imagine TV Reality Show in the Veena Malik Marriage.-HIMANSHU.