Robot Rubik Cube Guinness World Record Beat Human By Just 0.4 Seconds. Electronics & Video.

Robot made a new Guinness World Record of solving Rubik’s Cube. Don’t worry we will make our own community of Human Rubik’s Cube solvers, and will make our own Guinness World Records. We will not mix the Human and Robot world records together. May it can be possible, if some real human rubik solvers can take the challenge in feature..

Robot Rubik Cube solver is constructed using Lego, their are four Mindstorms NXT kits programmed in Lab VIEW. The brain of the robot is made into the Samsung Galaxy S II as an application. A application is installed into the Samsung Galaxy S II, worked as a brain giving the instructions to the Robot Motors.


The name of the robot is CubeStormer II who beat the human "Feliks Zemdegs" former record by 0.4 seconds. And the New Guinness Rubik Cube world record set by Robot CubeStormer II is 5.27 seconds.
Just watch this little 36 seconds youtube video to clear your idea behind robot rubik cube solver and see it in action.


The application installed into the phone uses the phone camera to see the scrambled faces of the rubik cube. The colour input is than processed using an advanced multi-threaded two-phase algorithm (that is installed into the phone) via dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 1.2 GHz processor into the phone. After calculating the fastest solution, the pulses are sent to the four grips of the robot motors.
The robot rubik cube solver is made by "Mike Dobson and Dave Gilday". See details Here.

I believe that humans can still compete very easily with the Robot Rubik Cube solvers, because we humans have "Trillion GHz" processor into our brain, "Billion MP" camera in our eyes, and "Multi Dimensional Grip" fingers/palm as a motor grips.
I also use to solve Rubik Cube 3×3, and my recold is something 2:70 (two minute, seventy seconds).
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