Test Your Blog / Site, How It Appears On Different Handheld Devices, For Free.

Test your Blog / Website On Android, Kindle, iPad and iPhone. Here is a free site, which will test your Blog or Website appearence on various No. Of devices for Free.

You can view or test any website or blog on different devices or device browsers like iPhone, Android, iPad, or Amazon Kindle etc. The reason behind testing for different devices are, different Mobile/Portable Computing Devices brands has specialised and totally different Browsers than each other. We are not talking about Opera Mobile. Opera Mobile nearly gives same view or same browsing experience on every mobile brand.

All the available Mobile Phones and Tablets has different Browser codings, appearance, html & css rendering, and resolutions; that’s why it becomes necessary to test your website or blog for different devices. So that you can target all device users for your Blog or Website.

People all over the world started to browse or surf more and more on Tablet PCs, iPad, iPhone Android, Nokia Belle, so it’s become challenge to target all devices. You can’t own each and every device to test your Webpages or Blogs. We can’t avoide or ignore the force of technology, every day Millions of internet users are getting added to the world of Internet, through these small and portable devices, like Smart Phones, Pads, and Netbooks etc.

The best way here is to have such application or web application to test your website/blog without touching any hardware or physical devices. Responsinator is one such initiative to test your website/blog on all mobile phones/tablet/pad etc. Responsinator is created by Tama Pugsley & Andy Hovey. You can test your site very easily, just you have to put your web/blog URL inthe address bar available on the site. To test your Blog or Website on various hand held devices for free visit Here.

All though there are many such sites and free applications are available to test blog / sites on Android, iPhones, and Nokia Phones…

Let’s see How Many of them you know, share the best one in Commment… For the benefit of others.. Also share your Mobile Site if you have…. Keep reading and get into knowledge TheZeroLife.Com –Himanshu Kumar Singh.