Linux Certified Courses For Beginners And Professionals, Short Guide List.

Short list of Linux certificate courses, which Linux industry or the IT industry recommends. The courses that is going to boost your knowledge and will create opportunity in the future.

If you came through search engine, it means you are searching or at least thinking somewhere about the Linux, and thus Linux can be your next future.

Linux is spreading like never before. here we are going to recommend some Linux Certification (certificate) courses which Linux industry or IT Industry recommends. These courses are going to help the freshers (new comers) to choose the carrier, to get the direction, to get the better job opportunity, money (pay), & confidence.

Just I read an article (survey) somewhere done by the Linux Foundation; says that the linux is overtaking the windows at enterprise level (or you can say server level), about 70-80 % of the enterprises & IT giants are planning to add Linux Servers, for the infrastructure, within next 5-6 years.

Actually the students those who are fresh just coming out of the college/university, often do not have the required skill set to work directly in the Linux Industry; thats why they need to get trained with the Industry Leaders (Training Institutes).

Below we are short listing some Linux Courses which Industry and other Linux Professionals recommends.

* Red Hat Institute Certifications.
A) Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE).
B) Red Hat Certified Virtualisation (RHCVS).
C) Red Hat Certified System Administration (RHCVA).
D) Red Hat Certified Security Specialist.

* Novell Certification.
A) Novell Certified Linux Administrator.
B) Novell Certified Linux Professionals.
C) Novell Certified Linux Engineer.

* Linux Professional Institute (LPI).
* Zend Certification.
* Oracle Certified Professionals.
* Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP).

* OS Virtualisation.
* Comp TI A Linux +.
* Sun Solaris.
* Hawlett Packard Unix (HPUX).
* Kernal Programming.
* Application Designing For Cloud Computing.

Note: Please be clear that, certification is not the guarantee of a job. Also nobody can stop an extraordinary students.

Certification can help you to increase your confidence, can make your resume Look Good (and that can be encased). If you are an extraordinary than, not only one but many big industries can call you and a Big Perk. Happy Linux. Get Into Knowledge, Keep Reading TheZeroLife.Com- Himanshu Kumar Singh