Free Award Winning Spam SMS, SMS Blocker, Android Application. Must Have For Android Users.

Best and Award winning Android SMS Spam Blacklist or Unwanted SMS Blocker application, which will save your time, will make your life easier, will not let you irritate…

Whenever I use to get the sms from an unwanted senders / merketing / promotional messages on my mobile phone, I use to irritate. It may happen to you too. It diverts your attention, takes your time, and ultimately you use to delete it, and if you forget to delete it use to full your sms inbox. There no alternative to stop these unwanted sms than a sms blocker.

To overcome this problem you need a sms spam filter or sms blocker application. Here today we will talk about an Android sms blocker / sms spam filter application. And afterward I will search, test and post a best application for the Nokia users too, in the forthcoming article.

Here is a tested, award winning sms blocker or sms spam filter application for your Android Mobile Phone. This is a free sms blocker android application through which you can define the senders manually as well as from your inbox, and after this these unwanted sms (from blocked senders) will never hit your inbox.
As the developer of this application says,

Get this app NOW! You will forget what spam/unwanted SMS is!

Some features of this Free Android smsBlocker is as below:

☆ This application has been awarded from MIT Technology Review, Nokia, Proto, NASSCOM & many others.

☆ Application blocks unwanted and spam sms messages, and not your useful & important messages.

☆ Unlike in any other existing anti spam SMS or blacklist app, you do not need to always feed in the number/title of the spammer. smsBlocker will smartly block the spam SMS on its own once you provide your blocking/allowing choices.

☆ Fully customizable. Modify your blocking/allowing preferences as you want.

☆ Seamless Integration with phonebook, SMS inbox.

☆ Blocked SMS storage to review & restore at your convenience.

☆ Unique ‘One-Click-Block’ to block in single click from home Screen.

These are the features of the free version of SmsBlocker, as the Paid Premium

Version also have some interesting features. Features of the paid version are :

☆ SMS Block notification settings.
☆ Password protection for the app.
☆ Backup/restore data from/in the app.
☆ Option to delete accumulated blocked SMS (Logs) automatically.
☆ Option to delete Logs in one click.
☆ No limit on number of Block/Allow list entries.
☆ Option to set tone for Suspicious SMS pop up.
☆ Ads free.

In the free sms blocker version, you can test Premium features for 15 days without any charge. After 15 days, you can continue using free version or upgrade to paid Premium version.

The use, setting, configuring of the SmsBlocker is very easy. Just Install,—-> Open, —-> Click Menu, Add New (this will allow you to select the spam sources from your main message inbox).

You can also choose to add specific numbers manually.

If you are an Android user, this is a must have spam sms blocker application. This will save your time, energy, and will let you feel happy. Download the Android sms blocker from Google Play (Android Market) HERE . Experience the Science, Technology, and Life keep reading TheZeroLife.Com, Subscribe & Get Free Articles In Your E-Mail.