Every Day Is Mother’s Day. Why To Love Your Mother & When. Do You?

It’s the Mothers Day Today on 13 May. I wake up today morning, and touched the feet of my MoM, she was seating on the floor, I put my head into her lap, and as usually she started moving her hands on my head.

Actually, these all activities are not because, it’s mothers day today. Its not my daily but usual behaviour, whenever I use to get time or you can say holiday I like to sit, praise, and spend time with my MoM, Dad & Family.
There should not be any definite day to love, praise, respect our parents (mom, dad).
Every day, and moment is because of them… Thats why every day and moment we should devote to them.

Time changed and we can’t devote all the time to them or for them, But …. But… Whenever we get time and when ever they require us or you … You should be there leaving all the commitments, and other duties… After all they did above all without having any second thought, years and years.

Ya I don’t want to tell you that; you should leave your job, children and wife/husband for this… You will have to maintain a fine line between these three. But whenever you can takeout some time, satisfying two others, you should take care, help, praise, respect, and love your Mom and Dad.
But as I am saying again and again whenever they require you; you should be …. should be their leaving all the relations, commitments and duties..

Everytime I am saying Mom & Dad.. Because I feal that both are equally and equally responsible… They are two sides of a Coin, No one side is possible without other.

Mother’s day is nothing but like a reminder in your mobile, for those who forget their parents and have absolutely No time to wish, love, praise, and talk with them (Mom and Dad).
Do you remember that they ever set any alarm or reminder or date to love and take care of you ? ?

Ok fine, gift your Mom and Dad something they love… on the occasion of Mother’s day or when ever they need or you feel so.. Keep giving..
Some of my readers may not have Mother, or Father… If this happens, please consider some one as your mother. Start careing, respecting & praising her or him. Keep the nature of giving, respecting alive within you.

Mother is not the name of a phycial thing, but it’s a concept, it’s a emotion, its a feeling, its a relation… Its within you and me.
Share this article, to all of your friends and family.. If you love your mother or if you think they should love their mother & father…. Its free to share.
Tell me your opinion, what do you think ? Can you tell me when it is Fathers Day (date)- Himanshu.
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