Free Scan Your Document And Get Into PDF, Using Your Android Mobile Phone Camera.

Scan your document using your Mobile Phone with the click of a button. This is possible if you are using Android Mobile Phone. Here is a android application making is easy and simple… Cam Scanner.

Every body is carrying a mobile phone, most probably an Android Mobile Phone. Technology is evolved so much that, one can do more & more possible things on their mobile phones. Ex. Photography, Video Calls, Watching HD Movies, Playing Games and now Scanning of your documents etc. Or here is the answer to the question ” How To Scan Using Mobile Phone”.

Now here is a Android Application “CamScanner” which is going to convert your camera android mobile phone into a portable and any time scanner.
You can convert your android smart phone into a scanner, and thus you can scan your paper documents using your android phone camera.

CamScanner is a free android application, which will let you scan your documents, features cropping, image enhancements, comverts into PDF, also allows you to upload your scanned documents to the Cloud storage & can tag etc.

If you are a android smart phone user then you must try this for the real/ official use or for fun. The free version of CamScanner has some limitations & advertisements… To download free Android Scanner Visit Here

Some Features of the Android Scanner i.e. CamScanner are :-

☆ Can Crop & Enhance your scanned documents.
☆ Creates PDF of your scanned image.
☆ Uploads your scanned PDF documents to the cloud like Dropbox, Google Doc,, and manage them by tagging or searching etc.
☆ You can easily manage your written notes, memos, magazines, business cards etc. at one place.
☆ The application can reduce the size of PDF and other files.

The full version of CamScanner has many advantages over free version. If you are a professional and need document scanning in every day work, than you should definitely go for the full version purchase.

Let us and our other readers know about your interesting and favourite Android Applications… In comment, we will try to cover it into an article.Himanshu .