Balance Checking Codes For All SIM Cards, Mobile Services In India.

Balance checking methods or codes for all Mobile SIM cards in India, like Airtel, Aircel, Idea, Vodafone, Dolphin, Reliance, BSNL, Tata DOCOMO, T24 etc.

Me and many of my friends have numbers of SIM cards with them. The reasons of having many numbers of sim cards can vary. One having sms pack activated, STD pack activated, one Local, one Roaming, one with GPRS pack, one for Girlfriend / Boyfriend etc…. different users have different reasons, and can be personal too. But having more than one SIM card or Mobile Phone is truth of the present society.

Difficulty comes while checking the balance for different SIM cards, me too the same.
So here being specific I am collecting the balance checking methods or balance checking codes for the all or most used SIM cards in India. Obviously the method applies to Prepaid Cards Only in India.

These SIM Balance Checking Methods or Balance Checking Code, will be useful to all of you using number of SIM cards or using various mobile services in India.

Balance Checking Codes / Methods for all mobile services SIM cards in India..

Balance Checking Code For Airtel :- *123#

Balance Checking Code For Aircel :- *125#

Balance Checking Code For Idea :- *130#

Balance Checking Code For Vodafone :- *141#

Balance Checking Code For Dolphin :- *444#

Balance Checking Code For Reliance :- *367#

Balance Checking Code For BSNL :- *123#

Balance Checking Code For Tata DOCOMO :- *111#

Balance Checking Code For T24 Mobile :- *111#

These are some popular SIM Card or Mobile Services I know in India and came across. It may happen that I missed some name.
I am not sure about the above codes working outside India, but the above codes are perfectly working in India and personally tested.

Please; here is your responsibility to suggested me, if I missed any name. Comment for the same, and also ask / suggest about SIM / Mobile Codes.
Experience the Science, Technology and Life.- Himanshu Kumar Singh.