Android Users Statistics, For Business Opportunity and Fun. This Can Make You Millionaire.

Collection of an Interesting Statistics of an Android Users in 2011. You can use this Android users statistics for your Business, Application Development etc. Actually there are many hidden businesses and social hidden opportunities in this Android user statistics.

Few days ago I came across an interesting Android users worldwide statistics. This Android user statistics made me smile and some time an exclamation mark on my face. The reason, it covered very unusual things or subjects into this Statistics Android Mobile Phones.

My Self taking this Android Statistics as a Business Opportunity, and this can change my life. I / You can use this statistics for the development of an Android Application or any other platform Applications or Social Network Applications (Social Games, Social Services, Websites, User Interface etc.).

This is up to you, that how you are going to take this statistics… as an Opportunity or as a Fun.
If you get some new Idea through this Android users Statistics, than also let me know in Comments…. Let’s see what can be done and opportunities can be derived.

This statistics is compiled by the BlueStacks and named as "Mr. Android 2011"; after reading the statistics you will come to know why "Mr." and why not "Miss or Mrs. Android". BlueStacks is a company who enabled the Android Applications to run on the Windows Platform or PC / Laptop (some other platforms will also be covered under this in the future).

OK. This Android users statistics has been prepared from a poll of some 2 Lacks of facebook fans.
For example some interesting statistics are: about 33% of the users are using the free applications; only 37% of the Android users wear glasses etc..


Above is an image of the "Mr. Android 2011" and also I am listing this statistical data below, for your convenience and thus making easy to read and analyse.

☆ 51% Android users have Average length hair.
☆ 32% have very short hair.
☆ 47% Android users have black hair.
☆ 27% are Europeans.
☆ 28% are Asian.
☆ 36% are Americans.
☆ 37% Android users wear glasses.
☆ 30% have freckies of the face.
☆ 78% have Normal sized head.
☆ 18% have usually larger head.
☆ 18% Android users wear Shirts.
☆ 71% Android users wear T-Shirts.
☆ 62% Android users wear Jeans.
☆ 21% wear dress Pants.
☆ 6% wear Khakis.
☆ 41% wear Sneakers.
☆ 5% wear flip flops (sandals).
☆ 33% have Zero Paid applications on their phones.
☆ 45% wear a Watch.
☆ 38% users use Android for work.
☆ 62% users use Android for play.
☆ 9% own and Android Tablet but not an Android Phone.

Just have fun & try to get some opportunity out of it- Experience the Science, Technology and LifeHimanshu Kumar Singh. Tell me what you think…