Free Lie Detector Application. Get It And Start Detecting Lie Of Your Friends & Family.

For some of my readers it will be a dream coming true, while getting a Lie Detector Application on their Android Mobile Phone. This is “Advanced Lie Detector Plus” for an Android Mobile Phones.

This Android mobile ‘Lie Detector’ application is based on the pure scientific approach. Lie detector claims that they are using the NATO algorithm and a vocal stress based technology, and thus it can detect the lies to a certain extent.

I think many of you are well familiar with this name through the television (TV News and TV Serial). Google’s PLAY Store (the previous name: Google Android Market) is having many such applications based on scientific Android Lie Detector Done (TheZeroLife.Com)approach and it’s really a big mobile application store approx. 4.6 Lakh of applications.

The technology used in this android lie detector is research published by NATO algorithm and a vocal stress based technology. These technologies are used in the actual and bigger lie detector machines, which is used by the investigation departments. The author of this application have only implemented one particular “Teager Energy Operator autocorrelation envelope area algorithm (TEO-CB-Auto-Env)”.

Little more description of Android Lie Detector:

* Critical Band based Teager Energy Operator autocorrelation envelope area algorithm (TEO-CB-Auto-Env).

* Adjustable playback accuracy for faster phones.

* Graphical Stress display of captured speech.

* Playback analysis speed adjustment from 25% – 100%.Android Lie Detector Graph (TheZeroLife.Com)

I don’t think that you need any explanation about the Installation of the Android Lie Detector and their use, it is very easy to use, you can learn it within 5 minutes. And more over you are Smarter enough.

Note :- The algorithms are supposed to detect stress that is often present when someone tells you a lie and fears being caught. If you are not stressed, then it will detect nothing. Therefore, it would be counter-productive to use it on yourself as a lie-detector. Perhaps using it on someone else would be a better idea.

Also note that this Lie Detector Application is just for Fun and can’t give any real conclusion about the Lie or Truth. Neither Me nor Developer should be held responsible for the same.

OK let’s go to the Google’s PLAY Store and download the Advanced Android Lie Detector Application HERE and start detecting Lie of your friends and family, have Fun and Enjoy..

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