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  • Google_Nexus4_LG_TheZeroLife.Com_.png

    Nexus 4 Technical Specifications.

    Google Nexus 4 LG Technical Specifications says that it can be the best option between Tablet and Mobile Phone . Nexus 4 having the fastest processor compare to other mobile phones i.e. Quad Core 1.5 GHz. 8 MP HD Cameras Big 4.7 Inches Screen. Let’s see […]

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  • Apple_iPhone_5_Technical Specifications_(TheZeroLife.Com)

    Apple iPhone 5 Technical Specifications Detailed.

    iPhone 5 Apple Technical Specifications Detailed. We researched and gathered all Technical Specifications / Information of Apple iPhone 5. iPhone5 has 4 Inches of Retina Display, 8-megapixel iSight camera, 1.2 Face Time HD Camera, Ya you are going to get High Quality of Videos & […]

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  • HP_Probook_UltraLaptop_(TheZeroLife.Com)

    HP Probook 4445s Detailed Technical Specifications.

    HP Probook 4445s Technical Specifications; The HP Probook 4445s is the Business class, light weight having Drive Encryption, File Sanitizer, Finger Print Scanner, Face Recognition. Here we researched the Technical Specifications Of HP Probook 4445s Professional Notebook Laptop for you convenience. HP Probook 4445s is […]

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  • Surface Tablet Technical Specifications Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro

    Surface Technical Specifications; Microsoft Windows 8 & RT.

    Every tech savvy is eager to know the Technical Specifications of the Widows Surface Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro. Here we are listing the Technical Specifications of the Windows Surface i.e. Tablet cum Ultra Notebook / Laptop. The Window newly launching Tablet stuffed with […]

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  • iPad-Mini-Apple_thezerolife.com_.jpg

    iPad Mini, Dream Of Buying An “3S” iPad Is Going To Become True. Apple Is Planning For iPad Mini.

    If your dream is to buy an Apple iPad, but don’t have budget; then don’t worry Apple is planning to launch a Mini version of the bigger 3S (Slim Sexy Smart) Apple iPad. Your dream / wish will be coming true very soon and that’s […]

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  • Dell_InspironR_TheZeroLife.Com_.png

    Dell’s Best Inspiron & XPS Laptops Configurations. Get One.

    Dell Laptops are performing quite well in the laptop market. Dell is having a powerful hardware configurations and always includes latest technology to their laptops. Few days ago Dell E-mailed me some of their latest laptops configurations that is “Inspiron” and “XPS 15” along with […]

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  • Toshiba-AT-200_TheZeroLife.Com_.jpg

    Toshiba AT200 Android 4.0 Tablet, Technical Specifications. Must See Tablet.

    Toshiba Tablet / Pad AT200, 10.1’’ Android 4.0, is the slimmest / thinnest and greatest Tablet. Just have a look into its configurations / specifications. I always wanted to have the products from Toshiba, just why because it is highly branded technology company. Or you […]

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  • Nokia_Lumia_710_TheZeroLife.Com_.png

    Nokia Is Redefined With The Lumia Series. Nokia Lumia 710 Technical Specifications.

    Its time for you to go at Nokia Showroom/Centre and just get a different feel of Mobile with Nokia Lumia Series. Nokia came in new avatar, by introducing the Nokia Lumia series, yes it is series. At first it was just the Nokia Lumia 800, […]

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  • Mobile Phone Battery Three Terminals

    Why Mobile Phone Batteries Has Three Terminals For Charging? Most Of The Time..

    Many people in my knowledge are always confused about the mobile battery, i.e. why mobile batteries have three (3) terminals or sometimes four (4) terminals? Me too sometimes ago was not exactly knowing the answer for this. Many people think that the middle terminal is […]

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  • Luminous_Inverter_UPS_TheZeroLife.Com_.png

    What To Buy UPS Or Inverter? Explanations.

    This is extension to the article “Points To Know & Consider Before Purchasing Your UPS Or Inverter”. Here is the further explanation of the term involver into the UPS and Inverter purchasing in simple terms for the benefit on consumers. What to purchase UPS or […]

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  • Inverter_UPS_HomeUPS_TheZeroLife.Com_.png

    Points To Know & Consider Before Purchasing Your UPS Or Inverter. Read It, If You Are Planning!

    If you have decided to purchase an Inverter or an UPS, than here are the factors which you should consider, check or ask to the UPS or Inverter vendors and clarify or tell them to explain the points. These are the points you should know […]

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  • Nokia_e7_dark_grey_black_front_slide_image_TheZeroLife.Com_.png

    Nokia E7 All Images Gallery. Just See It…

    You Tube Video from Nokia, Showing the usability of the Nokia E7 smart phone. Nokia E7 Symbian Smart Phone, Video TheZeroLife.Com It is not important or hard to find out and get the Image gallery of your favourite mobile phone on Google. The only reason […]

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